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  1. A covering of snow in Newcastle-Under-Lyme. Settling on cars, roofs and now the road. GFS has been on this all week, but the MO wasn’t keen!
  2. The BBC going for a cluster of snow showers this evening, maybe even a Cheshire streamer overnight.. not much mention of it though.. thoughts?
  3. FInally an Easterly shift on the streamer, getting some decent showers here in Newcastle Under Lyme- up to 2-3cm now.
  4. Thats what I'm hoping for too! We're just on the edge of it all. But there is a chance overnight into tomorrow the winds will shift ever to slightly to the North West, so that might encourage the streamer to move more South Easterly. Here's hoping!
  5. On top of what settles today/tomorrow, there could be a lot of snow around by Sunday/Monday! Amber from the MO too!
  6. Nice streamer going just to the West of me, been dry here for a few hours with 1cm of lying snow.
  7. Probably the Staffordshire area? Just quoting the MO
  8. Nice little occlusion following behind the main front on Thursday night, probably an area of more organised snow, then followed by a streamer event! Looking good for the Midlands!
  9. Evidence of a decent Cheshire streamer Thursday/Friday! Can't say the GFS simulates the most reliable/accurate shower clusters, but we'll see! Ps. new to this thread!
  10. 12z gfs great synoptics, but I suspect leading us up the 'arctic path' once again. t200+ still very much in FI .
  11. Last years Shelf Cloud across Staffordshire


  12. Finally looks like that horizontal front is clearing. River levels have been on the rise again this evening.. lots more rain in the forecast too!
  13. Thats it! Keep deepening :D A drop of 10mb over the past two GFS updates

    1. wimblettben


      If youre trying to look for signs of another storm, then we aint going to get one!

  14. I don't think this weekends storm will be much to talk about. It begins to fill quite far West of the UK before riding the Jet over us again. We'll see, charts are all over the place at this stage
  15. Do we know if there are any implications of an active Atlantic in Autumn regarding the Winter months?
  16. I don't think the MO will be so keen on their early warnings this time around, but it definitely looks interesting!
  17. Does anyone have any idea if this storm will coincide with high tides? Also, is there anyone brave enough that plans to video document the storms progress? (Preferably along the South coast)
  18. I managed to grab a quick shot of this on my phone. Strange formation!
  19. Tempted to travel South on Sunday night...

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    2. Evening thunder

      Evening thunder

      Come to my house! :D although at the mo not sure how much I'll get much here inland near London

    3. Somerset Squall

      Somerset Squall

      Ian said South Somerset looks like getting hammered on particular. Looks to be pretty severe if things go as planned

    4. Benny123


      I was thinking the South Coast.. Somewhere like Bournemouth?

  20. And it looks like the charts are once again battling out the truth. The MO aren't taking any chances and have surprisingly extended the Wind warnings a lot further North.. so I guess that's something! Each output is getting more confident.. so think weekend will be an interesting one to watch!
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