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  1. Tracking looking better for west of Cardiff this time
  2. So are you saying the precipitation in the English Channel will not move over our area as currently modeled by Arpege ?
  3. Arpege has the system in the channel covering all of South Wales between 3 and 7 in the morning, lets just hope its still cold enough to fall as snow, even Swansea gets in on the action
  4. They were talking about this on the radio as the air warms a little the showers pep up
  5. Amazing really because Cardiff around 15 miles away and knee deep but cant begrudge because normally we would do better here via a westerly slider
  6. Bridgend unfortunately with a similar drug problem a shot amount of snow, although to be fair we do have some impressive drifts
  7. Andy you have always been a banker to reply so much appreciated. Do you think the met O may have underplayed the possibility of cold hanging on into mid week, I am probably a lot older than most posters at 52 but I remember from 70s and 80s this dense cold air being harder to shift than anticipated and hanging around a lot longer
  8. These kind of places should be welcoming otherwise it will always be the same posters. Hows that vino going down? so happy with the snow and to have work off tomorrow, other half not so happy as she has to go in even though I told her it wont happen.
  9. I think the issue is, I (you and blackrose may be the same or not) only really post when there is snow which is so rare for us out west, I recon a lot of these guys are regular posters, I have posted a few times today and totally been ignored. To be fair the Andy guy is pretty cool and I have had a few chats when the snow events occur but lets be fair how often is that. Im not too interested and thunder and heatwaves and all that but snow and I will be up all night. I think you are up by Newcastle Emlyn hows it up there?
  10. Same here, work cancelled tomorrow, once in 20-30 year event (specially from an easterly) why not neck a bottle of wine and enjoy. Surprised Andy isn't around as I know is has been an all nighter for the big events. In Bridgend bet it is much better up where you are!
  11. The radar has been weird today, I am in Bridgend and we have been showing up as very little snow all day on the radar and I have just got back from walking the dog (stopped here) and there is a good 3-4 inches of snow. I wonder if the radar perceives the powder snow different to the traditional Brit wet sticky snow?
  12. Andy, do you know why (in simple terms) has there been a lower amount of snow falling between Bridgend and Swansea?
  13. It just seems wrong that it hasn't settled on car and house roofs, Obviously happy to have seen so much snow today but have to admit I prefer the fluffy sticky kind rather than the powder we have today, surely the more of this that moves up from France the more warm air and greater the risk of transitioning to sleet and rain?
  14. Bridgend looks like its petered out for the night (we are in the gap)
  15. OK competition where will the centre of the massive red blob currently over Glastonbury track, my money is just to east of Cardiff
  16. Are these really heavy fronts starting to pivot> now or am I just fooling myself, visiting friends in Bridgend and it has not been too heavy so far but those fronts look like they are pivoting towards mid glam now
  17. Interesting to see that another Blizzard forecast for next week Grebes are facing east too
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