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  1. Glad to see some members getting a covering. Nothing here, and I slept with the window slightly open so not even that cold here!
  2. Some small flakes intermittently blowing around in Poole. Blink and you miss them though.
  3. I left my window slightly open to get rid of the smell of paint last night, woke up absolutely freezing. Haven't set up my weather station at the new property yet but car was showing -4 at 8am. Now a glorious sunny day, and will be great for a walk and bike ride later on.
  4. Evening all, bit late to the party following this cold spell, we have just moved house and have had building work going on. Trying to catch up with what is going to happen the coming few days to make sure the building work is kept protected.
  5. Sat here looking out of the window and radar watching. Not a lot so far but it has got a couple of degrees cooler in the last 30 minutes.
  6. Couldn't get on earlier but had this little accumulation in a corner at work this morning (have no idea why it accumulated like this in one space!) Was an exciting snow/hail/rain shower.
  7. The tree has gone and taken a palm tree with it. Time to get a gardener in to chop it all down properly.
  8. Yep. A little disappointed and also relieved as the tree is leaning a bit more lol. I may take a trip to see the sea later on near Hengistbury.
  9. 10.1 here and wind speed of 31mph. Not as bad as I had feared overnight. No damage that I can see yet.........
  10. 8.7C and wind of 7mph. The calm before a very big storm I fear. Hoping it's not as bad as they say as I have a tree awaiting a tree surgeon as it is leaning. It shouldn't damage the property of it falls but always that concern.
  11. Snow is falling here now but very light flakes and not settling at all. Dp of 0.9 and air temp of 1.2
  12. @jtay there is currently zero snow in Bournemouth. A few flakes blowing in the wind. The rest rain. All the snow we did have has completely gone as well
  13. Round 2 for us on the coast? Ours has nearly all melted now but round 2 would be good.
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