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  1. My thought when I saw it was issued as an Amber warning for Thunder. Rain yes but for thunderstorms????
  2. Yup, I’m down in Dorset not far from Mapantz missing all action back home too. Lovely afternoon down here so can’t complain.
  3. Surprised not more reports on this thread from members in Somerset and Wiltshire. I’m down in Dorset looking at the radar of a very active convection line bringing torrential rain and thunderstorms particularly over Shepton Mallet and Frome moving towards Warminster/Westbury. I dare say there will be reports of localised flooding coming through soon.
  4. After seeing the CAPE charts last night, I didn’t have much expectation for today, but even so very little thundery activity for our region with the action up in the North West. After all the rain they had over the weekend not the place that needed to see more rain.
  5. Indeed, the Met forecast map makes it look like part of the country is going to be covered in thunderstorms for a good few hours. I don’t think it’s going to be anywhere near like that but if you get caught under one of these showers you will certainly know it. For me what’s possibly more of note is the forecast high winds, particularly along the coasts. Should make for interesting radar watching tomorrow.
  6. Not a bad show last night with a bit of everything but without the major hit here. Got a bit of sleep. Now to bluff my way through the day and get a good nights sleep tonight. Hope everyone enjoyed what was delivered. Currently cloudy and 21.6c
  7. Indeed, things are kicking off again it would seem. Some decent peels of thunder getting closer and the rain is starting up again.
  8. Hmmmm Wareham must have connections with Westbury then. One storm to the left of me now one to the right. Oh well, the light show was good but no direct hit with just a brief shower of rain. Time to call it a day. Work in the morning
  9. Epic, absolutely epic. Waited a long time for this. Well pleased for you too down in Dorset Mapantz. Enjoy everyone.
  10. Just down the road from you in Westbury. I agree it is with the lightening getting ever more brighter and frequent. Think we’re in for a big storm tonight.
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