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  1. I still have my doubts about all this naming of ‘storms’. It’s almost insulting to the parts of the world that have hurricanes/typhoons that are named and rightly so. I thought the minimum requirement for the UKMO to name a storm was for an Amber warning to be issued. Still early days, it still could be a very wild night out there tonight.
  2. I think it’s because everyone who has a smart phone has become a roving reporter and can get something posted up on social media in minutes for the world to see so we can get a better picture of where there has been a weather event almost as it’s happening.
  3. I’m sure the Met Office carry out a review after the event when warnings are issued. Yesterday’s amber warning caused unnecessary disruption on the railways in many parts of our region because Network Rail reacted to the early issue of the amber warning imposing speed restrictions before anything had happened. Had it been a yellow this wouldn’t have happened instead being on standby in case an Amber warning was issued for a particular area. The interesting thing was people on this forum, particularly in the south of the region, were calling this a duff just an hour into the amber warning. I was a little more cautious but in the end the only warnings being called for along the south coast were for fog! Oh and yes I’ve seen the pictures of the underpass at Didcot station, not the first time it’s happened.
  4. Both Amber and yellow warnings cancelled an hour ago which is sensible and says a lot. Not the best bit of forecasting on this occasion by the Met Office, something those in Oxfordshire and the Cotswolds will totally disagree with I know but a very small area compared to the vast area that the Amber warning was issued for. How can these warnings be taken seriously when nothing happens and how did we cope years ago without them?
  5. No one is denying it didn’t happen or isn’t happening, I can see that by looking at the radar. It’s just the amber warning covers such a large area that has upto now has seen sweet FA.
  6. Well wether it was for 14 hours, 22 hours or 48 hours, on this occasion it’s not turned out to be a good warning when most of the area it covers is either dry or only seeing light rain. A temporary cloud burst that brings a short period of very heavy rain to a small area with flash flooding does not justify an Amber warning, a yellow warning covers that eventuality. I am saying this because I want it to mean something when the Met Office do issue an Amber warning so people do take notice and are prepared. For six days I’ve been under a yellow warning for storms either in Dorset or in Wiltshire and have seen nothing but a bit of occasional heavy rain during the night. Keep issuing warnings for weather that doesn’t happen and people will ignore them. I’m also fed up with the media wetting themselves every time a yellow warning is issued as well. Can’t blame the Met for the media’s hyperbole though.
  7. Oxford, where most of the heavy rain is centred isn’t in the Amber warning area
  8. I have the utmost respect for the Met Office, best in the business IMHO. Call it yellow warning fatigue every day for the past 6 Days for a bit of occasional heavy rain and no storms.
  9. Amber warning from 1600 Thurs to 0600 Fri.
  10. Then a nanny state yellow warning would have sufficed. Issuing an Amber warning really raises the bar. Still, let’s see if something major turns up over night, where it’s coming from I don’t know.
  11. I pretty much ignore yellow warnings these days, if nothing comes of this Amber warning I might start ignoring them as well. Based on this, many rail passengers in warning area are having their trains delayed or cancelled owing to Network Rail imposing speed restrictions. If I was travelling by train this evening I’d be very annoyed.
  12. Well with the Met having ramped it up issuing an Amber warning, so I certainly hope it won’t be now. It’s a long time between now and when the warning is due to expire at 6am for things to get interesting. Stay safe everyone.
  13. Can’t see us in Southern England seeing much if any action this evening/night, feeling fresher than yesterday. The Midlands turn today with the Met just having an Amber warning in this part of the UK. Maybe a better chance tomorrow.
  14. I’m sorry but there is no excuse for not issuing the warning for Southern England earlier doing so when it’s already happening. They’ve been marching across the channel over a cold sea late afternoon/early evening. Compared to the Met I know little to nothing about the weather but know enough that any storms that cross a cold English Channel once they hit a warm land are seriously gonna kick off and they sure have.
  15. Ahhh just seen they have now moved the warning South. Better late than never I suppose.