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  1. Oh that Thursday night for us. 70% Thunderstorm 11pm-1am it said. The radar and lightning chart in the lead up to 11pm we’re showing something completely different and you can guess what actually happened...absolutely nothing.
  2. So day 6 of 8 warnings for t-storms have come and gone and I’m just 2 days a way from a perfect 8 of 8 warnings and no storms. You just know some little tiddler of a storm is going to show up with a solitary flash and bang to spoil it either tomorrow or Monday. Been miserable weather down here on the coast. Storm clag without having actually had a storm.
  3. Days with Yellow warnings for storms 5, actual storms experienced 0. I’m going for the full set of 8. Just three more to go. P.S Wasn’t expecting a storm everyday, such is the nature of t-storms but to have not seen a single one this week after temps of 30c at times here in East Dorset these past sevens days is quite a bust by anyone’s standards. Mapantz’s SOR really does work down here.
  4. Yes it’s hard to see where anything of significance is going to come from or suddenly appear in the next few hours. All very quiet out there. Almost ready to call another bust. The isle of Purbeck really does have its own weather system!
  5. Yes that was a useful explanation from Ian regards the potential for storms later on hence what the UKV is showing.
  6. Can’t see much happening south of the line either unless it comes back to life as forecast later on. Still quite muggy here in Dorset should anything spring up.
  7. Yup all passing to the north of us. Bit of heavy rain right now here. At least you have someone near you to share in the disappointment, small consolation I know. Perhaps later this evening could be our chance, possibly the one and only one at that.
  8. Band of rain in the channel weakening as it’s gets closer. At this rate going to be nothing of it left. Just to hear the sound of some rain would be nice. Yeah that’s how desperate it is. Think I need to ask the Met office if they would drop yellow thunderstorm warnings as ever since they introduced it I’ve yet to see a storm. I know it says most places will miss them but I always seem to be in the ‘most places’ category.
  9. Looking like anyone east of the Isle of Wight will see some action. Almost made it across the channel without fizzling out.
  10. Appears to be narrowing. Will see what it does when it makes land otherwise I too will be calling it another bust.
  11. Down the road from you at Lulworth and yes it’s starting to feel a little fresher. Looking at what’s starting to cross the channel, knowing it may look like eye candy now but probably won’t be by the time it reaches our shores. Probably would have preferred to have been back home in Wiltshire this evening as an increasing chance of seeing something there. Let’s hope we do see something on the coast this evening/night.
  12. Rumbles down here east of Weymouth but nothing showing near here on the radar. Nearest activity well down the Cherbourg Peninsula. Lovely sunny start 22c.
  13. I’d love to know what’s changed that’s made the Southern half of England such a drought zone for storms, particularly imports up from France. Just doesn’t seem to happen much anymore. I remember some all night belters from my childhood which I didn’t appreciate much back then but certainly would do now. As you say Midlands northwards has become the storm sweet spot of the UK. Let’s hope Wednesday/Thursday delivers the goods if not a few surprises before.
  14. Well I certainly hope you get your birthday wish Mapantz. When done, please send them up my way to Wiltshire.
  15. We may not have seen the forecast heavy showers/storms forecast today, but my the rain has been relentless since around 5am and hasn’t stopped since. Almost monsoon like out there.
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