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  1. Interesting tweet from Ian earlier saying ‘modelling of this second zone has been pretty poor’.
  2. The Amber warning should have been for a wider area IMHO.
  3. Ian mentioned the system forecast to bring the snow tomorrow night/Sunday doesn’t exist yet hence the Met having to rely on the models and as we have seen from the posts above are showing different solutions regards the amount of snow and where. Expect corrections to that Amber warning between now and Sunday. I don’t think this is a done deal yet.
  4. I know it’s a long shot but... From Met Office 6-30 day outlook: Over next weekend, there is the potential for a spell of very wet and windy weather in southern and central areas, with the chance of snow. I know just covering themselves just in case.
  5. Thaw well underway now. A big thanks to everyone whose posted informative and amusing posts and pictures over these past few days. It’s been fun. Right off out to enjoy it before it goes. At this rate it will pretty much be gone by the end of the day. Wasn’t expecting the thaw to begin until around lunchtime.
  6. I have to hand it to Louise Leah that I thought it was very brave to show the weather system that we are now seeing on last Thursday’s weather for the week ahead but here we are. My we’ve come along way with forecasting the weather even when it doesn’t always quite go to plan.
  7. Indeed, starting to think that the amber warning is more for the prospect of freezing rain rather than heavy snow. Hope I’m wrong.
  8. A different kind of knocker 😉
  9. Yes Ian was rushed tonight. The producers of Points West obviously felt a story about knitted knockers (see Points West FB page) deserved more airtime than the forecast for the potential of quite severe weather in our region over the next few days. As always, Ian was a true professional and did his best to fit as much in as he could in such a short space of time rushing through tomorrow’s forecast to get to Thursday. Sadly this happens all too often on Points West with Ian given little time to deliver his forecast; even at times of severe weather. I like Points West but sometimes the program can be a waste of half an hour apart from the weather forecast.
  10. Yellow warning for snow now placed for the Eastern side of the country only: bit.ly/1g3zeBH NK was spot on with talk of downgrades. It was only ever marginal to begin with.
  11. Those in the SE don't give up hope yet. BBC Points West weatherman Ian Fergusson just mentioned storms could come up from France tomorrow night along with what's expected ahead of the occluded front further west. Gonna be all on the night as it so often is with thunderstorms.
  12. Not looking good for snow fans this weekend. Latest UKMO showing milder air winning the battle :-(

    1. Carl46Wrexham


      Bad news! Still haven't seen lying snow this winter.

    2. A Winter's Tale

      A Winter's Tale

      you are about to get a decent snow event and further cold spells are likely