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    Bootle merseyside (near to coast at Waterloo,Crosby)
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    Hockey,streetdance ,ice-dance,magic and photography
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  1. Well after much excitement and a bit of snizzle we got nothing nada zilch and, I have just been on a train journey from Liverpool to coventry and seen no snow either apart from a few small dustings in stafford so I wonder who did get snow probably fewer than the met office predicted
  2. Can anyone report on Coventry is there snow in Coventry ?
  3. Are we still on for snow on Tuesday or has it sunk too far south now?
  4. On a different note I was working in clevedon on Monday and Tuesday and there was snow to the left and right but not there and I could just imagine the posts on their forum.....dejavu it never snows here we just get lots of rain why is it snowing there but not here wtc even the taxi driver said it just rains here loads of it we never get snow-sounds familiar?
  5. Eh am I missing something?- I live less than a mile from some on here in bootle near to walton and crosby and the winds not that bad just a little puff no sign of gales yet and no rain-is it skirting around bootle for some reason?
  6. Yippee we have big wet flakes It's scheduled to last for a few Hours according to the net office
  7. My mate and her hubby have rented a cottage with a log fire in Anglesey how apt that it should snow for them o can't think of anything nicer than being in a cottage with log fire roaring Doing the snow dance right now
  8. think it's been and gone just rain here is it meant to be turning to snow as it progresses? Is it back edge snow?-any experts comment?
  9. Cold rain here in bootle ag well roll on tomorrow's wintry showers
  10. Much as I love snow I think it will be too mild for snow anywhere in our region unless some cold air comes in from somewhere -can any of the more experienced forecasters tell me if that's likely to be the case?
  11. I'm aftaid IT will come too soon for us merseysiders in bootle and walton and crosby it's alreay clouded over here and in an hour or too will be too warm ad will probably fall as rain or sleet at best
  12. Can any of the more knowledgeable peeps on here give an insight as to put chances of a white Christmas-or even a frosty or foggy one -(just not a dank miserable grey mild one hopefully)
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