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  1. Quite a few places for sale monks road near glossop averaging 250-400 m asl.... Many parts of the peak.... Or north towards saddleworth upto hebdon bridge way.It only takes about an hour from here or saddleworth to blackpool.... Ie near a beach part....hehe...
  2. http://earthquake-report.com/2015/04/25/massive-earthquake-nepal-on-april-25-2015/ Excellent non media biased website giving updates on the devastation in nepal, india, tibet.... Was in nepal/ northern india in 2001 backpacking.... So sad....
  3. http://www.komonews.com/weather/blogs/scott/Watch-TIme-lapse-of-30-of-snowfall-in-Boston-in-40-hours-290102101.html?mobile=y Timelapse of snowfall in boston.....
  4. Hi Will, I'm down the road in Hadfield, I've just joined. Also on Met Monkey

  5. Thundersnow here half an hour ago, set off car alarms lightening was very close, lights went out..... Had snow showers getting heavier this afternoon..... Hills are covered.... If this continues theyll be heading down to se..... Banding in irish sea atm.....
  6. Light snow..... Just been out with recycling..... Suprisingly where grassy areas and areas with saturdays snow are 5-6cm..... Where its been cleared icy.... But damp..... Just had roofalanche in back garden now too..... Getting milder 1c dew 0c....
  7. Light to moderate snow..... Radar looks good..... 0c dew -1c not much coverage apart from ontop of old snow and ice.... 2-3cm... Dont think precip overnights been that heavy.... It has covered rooves but looking down to town you can see the snowline,
  8. Radar shows snow down south midlands pivoting and heading nw....getting heavier too.... Next hour and it should be here.... 2cm so far and its still snowing lightly....
  9. Not too big but got two grassed areas.... And the hills and fields are all around..... Lots of trails and footpaths too.... Lookslike the precip coming from down south is pivoting nwly..... Was moving north b4
  10. Looking to move higher up, might be renting my house out soon! â„ï¸â„ï¸â„ï¸
  11. Heavy snow leek....south of here an hour and a bit ago..... Still coming down here, but should be tapering off until next band soon....
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