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  1. Some amazing lightning last night to share! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3yoQfr_nujQ&t=118s
  2. This could be an interesting view from the Meto Blog if you haven’t seen it - https://blog.metoffice.gov.uk/2019/01/03/is-there-another-beast-from-the-east-on-the-way/
  3. So Sandhurst in Berkshire outside the amber zone - East is showing more snow than Basingstoke West for the majority of the day tomorrow - looking at the models there is quite a big band of snow hitting tomorrow 1 that hits early and goes West North West and then another that seems to go NE.
  4. Hi returning member here still a newbie though! Are referring to today or Thursday with this post?
  5. We spend most of the time reading why we should ignore the GFS so don't worry to much!
  6. Chucking it down here now and all looks like it's going north bringing us into the party!
  7. Please someone else say they saw that fork lightning on the webcam in Rotterdam
  8. Another flash here in Yateley - fingers crossed there is more. Thunder getting a bit closer!
  9. I give up chasing for snow! It clearly isn't going happen. I think that it would be more time and cost productive to take a flight to New York and get buried. The south sucks for snow hoper like me! I just hope one winter we may have a decent fall but i just have a gut feeling this isn't our year! :-( On the plus side we get better summers down here so it balances out i'm sure !
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