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  1. 2 minutes ago, Steve Murr said:

    Gritters have NO chance this eve

    rain to snow means the rain washes away the grit & when it snows theres not enough time to recover anything other than major roads = Chaos

    looking out the window here in Eltham pondering the journey home @615 secretly hoping to get stuck

    if not a snow drive to bluebell hill !

    I'm (deliberately) walking home from the City to East Dulwich. Might delay my journey slightly to hopefully make most of the conditions

  2. God I'm glad we have a moaning thread.


    I love snow, I mean I adore it, am fascinated by it and if it was feasible would put myself in Siberia and leave myself there.


    However, I have the worst luck when it comes to getting some.


    I live in South East London. The Thames Streamer of 2009 which dumped enough snow on my locale to stop all buses and trains, meaning I wouldn't have been able to get to work, happened when I was travelling back from an area of Germany that usually has loads of snow (it had none). So not only did I miss the fun, I was travelling back from Stansted that evening, heavily delayed because of the weather.


    My locale seems to be the only one that missed out in March 2013.


    This weekends PM from the North West happens a few days before I head to Cumbria. The forecast for when i'm there is dry at the moment. But of course there are now possibilities of a blinkin easterly, which could well affect my locale, when i'm not there. Because i'll be in Cumbria, where they'd have had snow the week before I go!!!!!!!!!

    I'm going mountain walking in the Cairngorms on the last weekend of January. If there isn't snow there/then, i'm making that move to Siberia.



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