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  1. I am very much an amateur but avid watcher of this thread. Is the inconsistency and constant ups/downs/flips etc. due to how the models are handling the record breaking SSW?
  2. That's last night's update. This afternoon's hasn't been published yet.
  3. There's currently a line of storms running NE to SW from northern germany to southern France about the length of the U.K. Producing an extraordinary amount of strikes. I've been sat on a balcony in germany watching it. Strikes every few seconds for hours. By far the most spectacular I've ever seen.
  4. Do people think that London will miss out? The current radar is showing nothing. I am a complete novice,to bear with my stupid questions. Is it possible for things to bubble up from nowhere later on?>
  5. Lovely snow coming down now and from the look of the radar the blob's intensity is increasing and heads straight for us in London
  6. It's snowing! 20p size flakes. 7 of them. They're following me home......................hold on.........................one's just settled!
  7. Unfortunately then met office seem to be downgrading the snow forecast for my area every time I check (about every 20 mins at the moment!)
  8. I was here the same weekend! We didn't watch the dogs but could here them from half way up Cairn Gorm. So pleased they had some snow on the Sunday.
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