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  1. It’s interesting that the two storms managed to get all the way across the channel, with out a loss of intensity, especially this early in the season.
  2. Morning everyone. Does anyone one know what the CAPE levels for today are please?
  3. Does any one have a link to the CAPE and lifted index forecast page from netweather please?
  4. Just started to get the odd rumble here! Doesn't look like many are going to miss out on this one.
  5. Good morning all. I have been wondering this morning how high the UV levels were and whether netweather have a forecast page for the UV levels. If any one could please do. Thank you in advance.
  6. Lots of potential here, unstable clouds. Just got to be patient and hope we see some action
  7. I have been tracking the wind in the solent by the Isle of Wight it has been steadily getting stronger now up to F9. I find this is a very usefull link its a navigation bouy. http://www.bramblemet.co.uk
  8. I agree hurricanes dont roam in our location never have never will, it will be a bad atlantic storm
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