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  1. Malin Head Donegal had has a gust of 65mph/105kmph in the last hour. Impressive!
  2. derryweather

    Most interesting computer game`s you`ve bought.

    Farming Simulator is probably the weirdest I've bought.
  3. Sky was black in the town about 15 minutes ago. Never seen it so dark around 3:30pm! Was only heavy rain in Skeoge.
  4. Went to Malin Head in the early hours. Absolutely insane! Recorded a sustained windspeed of approx 50mph and highest gust I recorded while there was 60mph. Standing up at the Radio Tower was almost impossible without the help of some of the abandoned buildings up there. On my way back down into Malin Head I had to slam my breaks on, but couldn't avoid a downed phoneline or electric line. Managed to slap right off the roof. Heading back in a homeward direction between Malin Town and Carndonagh there was a downed electric line covering the road. Had to ring the police and notify them of it as it was just over a slight crest. http://youtu.be/f94jyorERfI
  5. me based here in Derry, Northern Ireland. 30 mins from Malin Head I've been keeping an eye on this storm now for the last few days. Although I'm an amateur, going from the charts this is going to cause widespread disruption to the North of Ireland!!