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  1. if the weather in this country was predictable this forum wouldn't exist in the way it does now....
  2. @white fox - how much did you end up with? i left wokingham at 4, just as things were kicking off again, to come back to surbiton. nothing back here - snow turned to rain between bagshot and the m25. at least i got to enjoy thu night / fri morning but looks like last night was more fun?
  3. It’s been bang on for me
  4. Back in Kingston. Snow turned to rain pretty much as I got onto the M3 at Bagshot and green as anything back here in KT5 They were holding traffic on the westbound lanes when I got the M25 turn off.
  5. Temps are on the way down got a good feeling about the next few hrs for our neck of the woods wokingham - rg41
  6. looks like is misses Liphook?
  7. makes it sound more dramatic though doesn't it?
  8. all of the above i think
  9. yamkin will be out doing a 'live report from shirley, croydon, greater london' but only after he's tweeted the met office to demand they issue a weather warning!
  10. light snow again wokingham rg41
  11. looks like you've had a good 4 inches....
  12. this was def in the sweet spot. amazing how much came down after i went to bed at 2am. wokingham - rg41
  13. met office bang on the money with their predictions here in wokingham - 6-8 cms widely, most of this fell between 3 and 6.
  14. Hit my 2am curfew hoping this continues and I wake up to a good covering at 6am
  15. really coming down hard again. windy too. just a shame the flakes aren't bigger, would be a proper whiteout if they were! wokingham - rg41