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  1. I am sorry cheeky but you are now tainted. We have to send you through the decontamination tent before we are allowed to banter with you again
  2. You great tart Cakie ! Have you forgotten what the cold feels like?
  3. Don't you call me a moron, you mardy moron. Go find a fish head to whittle
  4. A sign that you are sat under a tree and a squirrel just shat on your head?
  5. Well please don't rest your case in the door way, someone may trip over it
  6. Could you please stop watching.... I need a wee and I can't go if people are watching. Oooooo scarey but awesome, what a place to grow up, I would love to see their family photo's! Thanking you kindly, now could you explain Duckworth - Lewis....
  7. The thought of fish head pie makes you feel hungry?! or is it Hemmykins
  8. To be fair I am from the not so posh bit of Surrey and I am definatley not in Lady P's or Cakie's league *does a little curtsy* .... and thank you Froggydodar, I think I have found my new word to use ..... hobbledehoy...... dare I ask what that means or is it another word like dodad or doofer?
  9. he is and was, but not with fish head soup... he would wittle the fish heads into a sharp weapon so we just had to give him warm water which had the fish heads dipped into once or twice for flavour
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