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    Environmental Toxicology, photography, climate change past and future. Passionate about the weather. Open Canadian Canoeing. Hiking and wild camping. Sailing fromAzores to Cork next year!!!
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  1. Well I am off to Carcassonne in France for a change of life and climate.Today is fine but the last 4-5 summers in Scotland (in Fife at least) have been awful on the whole. As much as I love Scotland my french wife has to have a hot water bottle chained to her hip. Even the winters have become mild and wet. What ever happened to the seasons
  2. I suppose that depends on where you are. In parts of Scotland apart from the odd day here and there (and a nice spring) it has been awful, wet and miserable.
  3. Good morning all, can anyone put me onto historic weather data that i can download into excel, preferably from the Forth valley area?
  4. Hi, don't know if this is the correct area but I am looking for historical daily weather data, sunshine amounts, rainfall amounts, wind speed and direction etc.It would be ideal if it is in a format that i could download into excel. Can anyone put me onto a good source? Cheers Mike
  5. Accuweather not going for that much of a cold winter here: http://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-news/europe-winter-2014-2015-forecast-snow-cold/36777733
  6. Well from the BBC forecast this morning, I was expecting some sharp showers coming down from the north. Instead its been lovely and sunny here in Alloa, not wall to wall, but lovely nonetheless
  7. Great forecast, very in-depth and clearly explained! Hope you are correct!
  8. Great to see a frost on the ground here in Dunfermline this morning, a real nip to the air. models are starting to look good for this winter too, still early but already much better than last years dreadful winter.
  9. There's a real defined back edge to the frontal rain cloud as it passes through with clear blue skies behind, lovely to see! edit, blazing sunshine now
  10. Got up this morning expecting to see the puddles illuminated in the street lamps but very dry, windy yes, but no real gales. Lovely blue skies for most of the day to with the odd big gust of wind. Hardly seems like a storm at all here in Dunfermline.
  11. Well a dull and rather warm start to Referendum day her in Dunfermline and Alloa. Good luck to Scotland whatever the outcome and may clear skys and sunshine light our path to the future!
  12. Hi Frosty, to your knowledge, have you seen charts like this before in September with such a prolonged and blocked pattern?
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