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  1. Well I am off to Carcassonne in France for a change of life and climate.Today is fine but the last 4-5 summers in Scotland (in Fife at least) have been awful on the whole. As much as I love Scotland my french wife has to have a hot water bottle chained to her hip. Even the winters have become mild and wet. What ever happened to the seasons
  2. I suppose that depends on where you are. In parts of Scotland apart from the odd day here and there (and a nice spring) it has been awful, wet and miserable.
  3. Good morning all, can anyone put me onto historic weather data that i can download into excel, preferably from the Forth valley area?
  4. Hi, don't know if this is the correct area but I am looking for historical daily weather data, sunshine amounts, rainfall amounts, wind speed and direction etc.It would be ideal if it is in a format that i could download into excel. Can anyone put me onto a good source? Cheers Mike
  5. Some sun and a little warmth would be nice, July has been awful in Scotland. This nastly low passing us now will have a 3degree sting in its tale for us. Very autuminal this morning.
  6. Heavy in Newmills near Culross now and considering we are right on the coast, I think we are doing well. Didn't think the front woukd come this far!
  7. Light to moderate here on the coast at Newmills in Fife. Temp is at 0 degrees at the moment to. Nice stuff!
  8. After passing through the Azores, this storm will track almost due north into the North Atlantic tomorrow night and Saturday and will move over much colder water causing it to transition back into a non-tropical storm system. Eventually the non tropical counterpart of Alex will merge with another storm heading east from Newfoundland in the North Atlantic. Coutesy of Accuweather!
  9. Maybe its a sign of how hard it is to forecast at the moment that the monthly outlook that gets updated at 10am on the bbc website has still to be updated, procrastination maybe
  10. Hi Costa, As a scientist (environmental not meterological) i always want to form opinion on evidence based reseach. Now there is no doubt that the world is warming and that some of that warming is human induced, but how much of the 1.5 degrees (think this is the correct figure) is from man, and how much is down to natural cycles such as the PDO and the Atlantic cold and warm phases? This is not to many the many other cycles little understood. From that 1.5 degrees that can be assigned to man, how much is statistically significant. Mix xurrent short cycles of el nino and you can get a very confusing picture. I remember in the mid seventies scientists said we were going into the next ice age because of the hard winters we had, never mind the long heatwave and draught we had after that
  11. The preospects for the next few weeks looks potentially very good if you take the MT comments on board. Could be bitterly cold here from the weekend onwards. Anything is better than this drowned dog wet mush
  12. I do think that there will be some averaging out of the remaining part of winter, although probably in the last quarter. I cannot see the whole winter being this much above average. I remember saying in the Autumn when here in Scotland we were having reasonable warmth and sunshine for many days in a row, that nature would even things out to a certain extent. I am not saying that it will be average jsut that at the end of the season,the positive anomolies will not be as acute as they are at the moment.............I hope
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