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  1. Sundays low is one to watch gfs or ECM I note its been upgraded down graded I think it going to be more serious than the models are showing, Even at 72 hrs big difference, batten down the hatches.
  2. 2meter drift of snow blocking the roads into my village i am snowed in! I have never seen any thing like it totally cut of, it is snowing heavy again now and we have Red warning till 9am.
  3. Gfs not the king after all, cold is fighting back it is not over yet.
  4. If only we lived on the east cost of Ireland boom
  5. why do they do that? Showing a chart in mid Atlantic?
  6. Pub run not good past Saturday! Loads of snow before that, let's see what the Euros bring in the ooz
  7. Very happy charts are of the wall! Never seen anything like it
  8. Yes icon is fine members should be carefully what they post as its misleading, its a frozen wonderland this am
  9. The models have been very robust with this setup, my word that is some serious cold east of England.
  10. Just wanted to say thanks for been liberal for last few days the thread has been fantastic! I'll shut up now or else I'll be in the bin18z is rolling more exciting runs ahead
  11. Netweather.tv needs a bigger server like the output it's frozen
  12. Grey then white I think that is the coldest colours.