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  1. The Seasonal Forecast Thread

    If you read my post carefully, you'll see that I am actually backing and congratulating the Met Office due to their very good winter forecast. The reason I mention AGW, is purely and simply because I've not seen this happen in any of the MO long term forecasts to date. Being what I consider to be a bit of a departure and new introduction from previous forecasts in clearly stating how AGW might be affecting our climate, I quite simply thought it worthy of note! Please read my original post again carefully and you will agree that actually I believe the Met Office to be doing a good job, especially with seasonal forecasting this year! Please also don't be in such a hurry to assume the worst! You have clearly interpreted my original post as suggesting the MO out of line, but actually I just found it very surprising that the MO was so clear about how climate change is having a real and current impact on our climate. While I am aware that the MO does support AGW, I have never observed a MO forecast, which makes such a statement. If it has happened before, then it is a feature I haven't noticed. Why oh why do I find myself having to clarify posts so often? Is it because I express myself badly or are some people a little prickly on AGW?
  2. The Seasonal Forecast Thread

    I am going to go along with the Met Office in predicting a warm Spring. They did well on their winter forecast in particular identifying the dominance of the Azores HP. Met O also making some fairly blatent claims now that any likely seasonal warmth is due to AGW! http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/publicsector/contingency-planners