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  1. Confirmed EF-1 #tornado in Jefferson County, Kentucky. http://t.co/GaTkrgYg

  2. #News BGSspaceWeather: Next 24hrs - QUIET. CME observed yesterday. Possible Earth-directed component so geomagnetic... http://t.co/e9ASxVVm
  3. La Nina events may make flu pandemics more likely, research suggests. http://t.co/2veLcJjz

  4. 25 #volcanoes in Indonesia now showing signs of abnormal activity. http://t.co/BCavXOS2

  5. The Ministry of #Health of the Kingdom of Cambodia has announced a confirmed case of human infection with avian influenza A (H5N1) virus.

    1. Aaron


      12 people in India have contracted 'super' TB that cannot be treated!!!!!!! Luckily it's not really a cause for panic as it was found in Italy too and they're not all dead, yet!

  6. #Disaster #News Technological Disaster - Middle-East - Lebanon http://t.co/4WNXqynm
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