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  1. After a day of a mix of rain/sleet/snow, it's snowing here in Central London. Temp at 2c so nothing sticking. Pretty to watch it fall through.
  2. Well, I'm actually a little surprised for my area in Central London- Been snowing since 9pm, persistent and heavy at times, everything turning white!
  3. Not worth bothering worrying over model forecasts of the MJO. Not until this SSW is done and finished, I am taking everything with a lorry-full of salt! ~mpkio2~
  4. Hello All Once Again!!!! Been awhile since I posted here, huh? Hope you all had a wonderful festive period and New Years! Chilly out there today, as our UK High sits right over us making it colder, and widespread frosts tonight countrywide.... So that's it gang! The "Hunt" for cold is over! It's been found and its right at our doorstep! OK, all things serious, a lot has been going on over the past few days, with the models constantly at war with each other, bickering and disagreeing. But there's a lot going on at the moment; what with our current SSW causing havoc in our atmosphere and models NWP..... Going from this currently (04/01/19): To this (Ongoing first warming or second warming? ) (06/01/19): As many have said, shows a three daughter vortices split - One over Europe, America and N.Pacific, which should allud to, down the line, to a -AO, cold spilling into the mid lats - but nat guaranteed!!! But even that's not nailed on yet (Though looking likely with current model runs from the big three - ECM, GFS(P), and GLOSEA5,) - which is what is causing all this uncertainty with the modelling and why so many runs are flipping like fish on land! The SSW (Which was forecast well out over 2 weeks ago,) is here, with winds downwelling into the atmosphere causing them to veer E instead of the usual W. So, we all know it's occurring, but the speed at which it is occurring is what everyone is unknown about, whether we are likely to see a QTR or not and whether it will give the UK a cold spell. But it can all be wrong for all we know! It doesn't guarantee cold but can increase the chances, after all. With the MJO signal with each respective model being forecast at different amplitudes, speed in which they are progressing through each phase(7-8-1) ,a -ve EAMT GWO Phase 5 and high AAM to add into the mixture, its a heck of a lot to account for. (The above charts are from Matt Hugo (Twitter @matthugo81),) With that said, I do like to see if I can find agreement between the models, and thus far on the 0s suite, there is some agreement (I know - shock horror! 0z UKMO (03/01) t144: 0z GFS (03/01) t144: 0z GFS(P) (03/01) t144: 0z ECM (03/01) t144: 0z ICON (03/01) t144: So, yes in the broad-pattern, there is some agreement on the overall pattern - a mid-lat high seems to be likely for a weeks time. What isn't agreed on is the position and strength of said high, whether is can retrogress towards Scandy or Greenie; whether we'll have a cool northerly/easterly or a cold northerly/easterly. All down to other atmospheric players of course and, because of that, these charts, for all we know, could be completely and utterly wrong. But there is a CONSENSUS!!! Mid-lat high by 11th Jan, and with a favourable/amplified MJO Phase 7-8-1, GWO Phase 5, high AAM and a -ve EAMT, we might be in business, even if the full effects of the SSW don't down well all too well for us. Here to hoping of course! It's why so many posters aren't bothering to post; because the runs have been so volatile and flip-flopping because of the SSW confusing the models. It can take up to 2 weeks to see the true effects of an SSW ( a la Jan 2013 SSW and responsive March 2013 cold spell), so, as many have already said.... Please don't take the models too seriously!! Of course, post, comment, the whole-shebang! But just try not to get too hung up on individual runs. We all want it to be cold and snowy (That's why we're all here!!!), so lets all just enjoy the ride, yeah? Here's hoping for more upgrades and a cold, snowy winter! Until next time, gang! ~mpkio2~
  5. Whatever the weather, hope you all have a very Merry Christmas! PS: Sorry this is off topic Mods, but I hope you can allow this festive post.
  6. I have to agree with this. Seeing how the GWO is in an unfavourable phase, AMM is currently low (But on the rise soon), its not surprising that we will see a unsettled period. A weak EL Nino should not interfere, though a wQBO, possibly, can. As many have saud, we'll just have to wait and see.
  7. Yeah, the first chart is from November 2015. I put the recent t240 frame from ECM 12z run underneath just for comparison reasons.
  8. We were expecting this to happen. ECM isn't as good as GFS, but then again, that run is possibly the best outcome we could get! ECM, as many have said, isn't a disaster at all and there is much to like - PV in shatters, high over UK and GIN corridor trying to retrogress upwards. I'm sure if you played the run on a few extra frames, a high would set up in GIN and we would be back in an easterly flow! Just for a little perspective, this time a few years ago we were looking down at the bottom of the barrel.... If a run like the ECM 12z came along, we all would have jumped on it, wishing it to fruition!
  9. This place has been buzzing over the past few days, hasn't it?! Ain't like the past few days the models haven't been spilling out cold runs with potential or anything! 12z UKMO t144 13/11: 12z GEM t120 13/11: 12z GFS t144 13/11: 12z GFS t240 13/11: 12z GFS t324 13/11: The PV is completely annihilated!!! OK, all ramping and joking aside, it does appear that support for a cold end to November (As many posters on here have forecasted for a while - @CreweCold and @BLAST FROM THE PAST) by the models IS in full swing! With current atmospheric and stratospheric shenanigans occurring..... , a de-coupled trop and strat (Despite a record-breaking zonal wind speed in October) and strong wave transfer in the Indian Ocean taking place (MJO transition 3-4-5-6) and talk of a Wave 2 event occurring (Potentially) further down the line at the end of the month.... Its no wonder the models are spewing out runs like this!!! BUT!!! As the previous winters have proven, nothing is set in stone, nothing is guaranteed and anything that can go wrong usually does (Especially for cold weather for the UK!!! ). Point being, latest GFS 12z run is a beaut and shows a perfect evolution of a retrograde Scandi high to full on Greenland high, which shatters the PV and sends a chunk straight down from the north straight to our little island's shores. Its gotten me HYPED! And everyone else here in the forums! We all want it to happen, but we must place our feet on the ground! It's a great run, but hasn't support from the UKMO and GEM at the moment. What's great though is that we have the potential to set-up a cold pattern down the line (I mean Arctic cold!). And even if the 12z GFS doesn't come off, at least we'll have more bites of the cherry and it will feel seasonal for the time of year. Watch the models, see what gets support, where the TRENDS our going! And the TREND this far is cold!!! ~mpkio2~
  10. Its brilliant to see so many posters come out of their Summer Hiberanation, gearing up during this Autumn and to the coming winter! This place is buzzing tonight!!! But who can't get excited when your a coldie and the ECM teases you with this.... All fun and games of course just for now, cause we all know how fate likes to tease us and when it looks all too good to be true, its snatched away before our very eyes! But there is much to be optimistic about this year! Let the roller-coaster that is model watching, commence!
  11. Dry sunny September followed by a mild/wet first half of October and a cool/dry second half, leading into a cool/crisp yet sunny first half of November and ending with a cold second half, with some snow in places. That would be perfect IMO.
  12. Well, here we go again! Good to see so many posters coming out of Summer hibernation. Good to see some small snow gains in Siberia. Early days, but may it keep on progressing!
  13. I probably overestimated. Looking back at the records, south-east of the country had an averaged temperature anomaly of around 25c since around 19th June.
  14. Hello all, As we all know, the UK is currently in a heatwave (July 27th). It is remarkable so far for not only its strength of the heat but the duration of the heatwave too (Since around June 19th to July 27th (Current),). The media is reporting interviews from UK meteorologists, asking why we are currently in a heatwave, with many answering that it is due to the jet stream marandering North to the UK, thus allowing hot air from a situated high-pressure system over Central Europe to divert up North towards the UK. That's all fine and dandy, but I ask "Why is the Jetstream maraundering North and why is it currently so weak?" So, what do you guys think? Why are we experiencing such a strong heatwave? As in, what weather drivers are causing it to happen in the first place? Let's get this discussion going!
  15. I have to agree. North-easterly winds at this time of year are pretty much useless (It cold is what you're after,). It will only deliver cool, cloudy, rainy days. Pretty much the week we're in now.
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