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  1. I have to agree. North-easterly winds at this time of year are pretty much useless (It cold is what you're after,). It will only deliver cool, cloudy, rainy days. Pretty much the week we're in now.
  2. Cool, cloudy and a little misty in Central London. Annoyingly, if we got this same setup in the middle of Jan, it would be a lot colder. Hey ho, can't really complain though. Roll on the sunshine!
  3. Hey guys. Don't usually write during the Spring/Summer on the forum, but thought I would drop in and talk a bit. After the cold end of winter (And getting fed up with therian and cool weather), hoping we'll get some lovely warm weather to brighten us all up. Next week, maybe?
  4. Hey guys! The weather must know its the 5th Anniversary of March 2013! Started snowing moderately in Central London around 8am in the morning, though nothing settled and left everything wet - was too warm. Just walked up the high street and it got even colder with the windchill very biting cold and small snow flakes falling. Looks good after 4pm overnight for our region, so keep the faith guys!
  5. I live up the road from you, Jo! I live around Mornington Crescent. It's a small world after all and all that
  6. Hello, once again guys! I ventured out to Regents Park again this morning - canal still frozen over and places had about 10inches of snow. The windchill was at l;east-15c went it picked up, maybe even -17c! Anyway, cold spell is ending in the south of England with a BANG as moderate/heavy snow falling in the capital!
  7. You are indeed correct. I remember that day - 18th December 2010 - as a polar low brought heavy snowfall across London and the South East. I was watching BBC News all the while to get weather updates and around 11.30a.m, the Amber warning turned into a Red warning for Snow. If I had some proof I would post it but I can't, for the life of me, find a thing online!
  8. Latest radar shows PPN intensifying out in the English Channel up from France, progressing up to us more NE than initially predicted. Could be looking at some strong falls for SW parts of our region (London and Home Counties). Also, latest 12z HIRLAM shows this for 5pm this evening.... When you take into consideration what the radar is currently showing, it does make one think that it could be on to something...
  9. Proper light snow falling in Central London now.
  10. Hey guys. A quieter day here in Central London thus far. Had a further 1-2cm overnight and into the morning. Snow flurry has started from some of the PPN coming up from Storm Emma. Vey cold and windchill is still brutal!
  11. For those who want to look at the 18z HIRLAM..... http://wxcharts.eu/ Click on "HIRLAM" on the left side of the page. It's showing this for 10am tomorrow... Also, this model got the position of the low coming off the Atlantic where London recieved3inches of snow on December 10th 2017. Other models had the low further North than what the HIRLAM was predicting.
  12. 18z HIRLAM hasn't updated yet on Meteciel. Can you post a link, please?
  13. Silly Southender; that's the "Snow Machine Of The North Sea!" But seriously, I have no idea either. Perhaps an error on the radar? P.S. Salutations from North of the River.
  14. Yeah. Dec 2010 will always hold a special place in my heart, by this cold spell just feels colder, even if it does all end on Sunday.
  15. Snow falling very heavily now with 50p flakes. Right under that blob that is continuingly being feed by the Theams streamer.