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  1. Thanks for that , i did not realise you could click the map i was only seeing London ensembles , you learn something new everyday
  2. What location is the set of ensembles for please ,altitude 353 metres ??
  3. Hello SB , could you post the update for the SAI ,if possible. Cheers Darren
  4. Could you post the link to where Ian has said it is going for above average temps please . I can not find anything on netweather or twitter. Cheers Darren
  5. I do not disagree with you. I was just stating there was some good snow events in that winter ,as most people on here look for snow from Nov to Mar i looked at those months as well . My mistake i should of made this clearer .
  6. 2005/6 was a mixed winter with some good snow events . All quotes taken from the met office website below Nov 2005 The first half of the month was unsettled and warm, while the second half was cold and increasingly wintry with some significant snow, fog and frost. Overall, it was a very sunny month, with sunshine figures exceptionally above average. Dec 2005 Unsettled and mild at first. Briefly colder mid-month with some wintry showers in the east. Much colder late in the month with some substantial snowfall in eastern England 27th to 30th. Jan 2006 Generally it was a dry month across England and Wales but there was a period of wet and windy weather for Wales and western counties between the 9th and 16th. Feb 2006 Temperatures close to average, but the coldest February since 1996. March 2006 It was a cold month with spells of wintry weather and below-average temperatures. However, this was partially offset by warmer conditions during the final week of the month as winds turned south-westerly.
  7. If you zoom in on the image this year is near on identical to 2005 , i believe that was a snowy winter .
  8. Genuine question. I thought weatherbell members only had access to the control run only. please correct me if wrong.
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