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  1. My issue guys is, that after the initial rush for the early bird booking, communication dried up. The email confirmation I was expecting didn't materialise and in terms of the essential planning of our diary for next year, I had to contact NW myself to find out if I had a place. I have requested information on a payment plan which hasn't been responded to and now we have just 6 months to go. Websites are not updated and devoid of information and I have heard that there was potentially a film crew accompanying a tour - this is something which guests need to know about. It is an awful lot of money to spend and personally I was worried as I feel customer service and standard information was not being distributed. It should not be up to guests to initiate. Paying guests require more - they are paying for the whole service and need to feel valued. The tours are fantastic and I would recommend them to anyone, but my booking experience for 2014 has not met my expectations.

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  2. Desperately sad news - Tim and his team were so dedicated and passionate about what they were striving to achieve. They made a massive contribution to weather science and undoubtedly saved many lives along the way - their extensive expertise will be hugely missed. Thoughts and prayers are with their friends and family, and to the storm chase community who has lost a true Great. RIP

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