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  1. Weirdly heaviest snow we’ve had all day is when the radar shows light light blue and hardly anything....😂
  2. Each blob has lost its intensity as it’s reached Cardiff. Looks like it was much heavier in the Vale and Bridgend. A light dusting on cars but not really had the intensity here yet. Looks like the end of this area of precip. Hope the area behind delivers some more.
  3. Coming down nicely here but very fine flakes. Covering all surfaces now other than main roads. However can see it starting to lose intensity as it approaching us. The yellows turning to greens etc. The Vale of Glamorgan looks like the area holding best intensity while being east enough to avoid less cold air.
  4. Must be close to a switch to freezing rain. If it does become freezing rain, that could become nasty down there on top of any lying snow too.
  5. Yes potentially. Bridgend would be my punt. Fine flakes and light again now, not starting to accumulate yet other than on car roofs etc.
  6. Great pic Ian! Shame nothing is falling from it yet for you. We have a narrow band of yellow/green approaching Cardiff now, will be first test to see if evaporating mid air here. Main band still approaching nicely.
  7. That’s a shame! My family in Pembrokeshire have a dusting so far from the first band. Hopefully the band about to hit will deliver more for Pembs. Although freezing rain possible in a hour or two.
  8. I don’t think we can complain so far. Forecast has certainly upgraded overnight and the radar showing why. Hope we can get something from the outer band first but looking above, sounds like a lot of it is evaporating before hitting a ground. Main part of the precip about to hit Pembrokeshire now.
  9. ECM 18z is even faster bringing the front in. 4am to Pembrokeshire now. Arriving at Cardiff at 8am, previously 11am on 12z run...
  10. Yep agree: Looking good at the moment but we know how quickly a front can fizzle out once it hits the cold. Fingers crossed! It’s faster then forecast at the moment.
  11. ECM probably closest to current radar. Not surprising after the last event and it also is the model with it further east and arriving early morning (5/6am into south west)
  12. At this range too, MLB’s showing at Day 10 in the Ens could easily be positioned more favourably for us nearer the time. Which as we know can vastly change surface conditions. Day 10 on GEM could be very different for example if that block was further west come t+0 Hoping the EC Ens still hold some promise longer term 🙏 In the here and now, also hoping the front makes it to Cardiff tomorrow to see some snow out of this spell!
  13. Here you go mate. Ye fingers crossed, as Matt says very much a nowcast event. The precip comes in earlier on ECM which I think would be better for us overall.
  14. Poorer output this evening for a quicker return to any cold. A fairly large change from UKMO too from earlier runs. GEFS showing very mild and mostly dry conditions after Day 6/7. Would be nice to at least stay dry if we can’t get the cold. Clear trend to higher temps after day 6/7 when comparing to the ENS yesterday. Marco (Met) tweeted earlier today that they are expecting it to turn colder from the east as early as perhaps next Friday. Seems a long way away from that in tonight’s output but who knows...
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