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  1. Your looking for further poor weather so you can further blow your frustrations - let's be honest, 2 poor weeks in June which it largely amounted to and the majority of the rest was pretty average but that alone doesn't make a poor summer (Including May), I'll leave it at that, have a good evening.
  2. Why are you looking into FI for the next 'possible' poor spell of weather which could be it for your summer when we have a majority of this week which looks set fair and largely sunny, even then we would not be half way through summer? By the way not twisting anybodies agenda to suit mine and I never said your opinion is wrong by I do feel there have been some exaggeration but hey!
  3. So he's setting himself for a fall then...temperature wise May isn't warmer than August that's for sure but maybe recent May's have swayed towards settled sunny warm ones and that on the basis of rising temperatures not just in this part of the world. You could equally argue that September is an extension of summer (certainly in the south) but it depends as you say what categorises 'summer' - warmth, sunshine totals, lack of rainfall or all the fore-mentioned, but saying that May this year really wasn't that bad and just proves you can't rest on your laurels expecting settled, sunny conditions. We aren't the Mediterranean.
  4. Sorry I know this irks you for me to keep quoting you...but again and I know this is your opinion but May might feel like summer but it really is not - maybe it's because the flowers are out in full bloom and the Chelsea flower show appears and the cricket season is in full progress? but May has never been a summer month, there are a few that would argue that even the beginning of June isn't really summer (21st June to 21st September could be the argument for the solstices). You're now saying that this May to July period is the worst in your lifetime, okay June maybe but May was largely fairly bland, sunshine totals and temperatures near normal, rainfall drier than normal and the first day of this month looks pleasant and not sure why you're including July. As I mentioned you keep posting your opinions that aren't really backed up by facts.
  5. A trough dominated outlook!?!...might be the odd occasional passing weak front to the east but for the next week looks dry and sunny with temps largely near normal, not bad summer fayre. Certainly dry if you live in the south so nothing to moan about (for the majority). Who knows beyond next week but certainly no Atlantic stuff to be seen of any consequence...
  6. Lovely day out there, not to hot or too cool - just right with a slight breeze. 23.5c currently.
  7. Interesting but it hardly goes back a long period of time that chart, agree in general warm weather is more conductive to better health than cold but in my lifetime I've known flu outbreaks in almost as many mild winters as cold. strangely you would have thought the 2017/18 spike would have shot up later in the winter but doesn't really considering that's about the coldest week we had at least in the last 20 years or so...26.8c currently
  8. Well it was a breeze coming from the North Sea and when the cloud rolled over late afternoon it was chilly but I still had my short sleeve Polo on though...both Wednesday and Thursday were like that, 24.9c now.
  9. Only 24.5c here on the Essex Riviera, certainly can't see getting near the 30c barrier here...
  10. Exactly you trying telling e few on here who have been posting regularly about the 'abysmal' June as if that is it for summer...temperatures are only going one way and the likely hood of 2018 style summers will become more common (sounding like a spokesman from the MetO).
  11. Not with those uppers and looks like a slight breeze possibly from the east or north east...I'd be surprised!
  12. I think you're going a bit high there...temps will fall by Monday but recover slightly so doubt it will be above 25c anywhere...
  13. Just to remind you we don't live in the Mediterranean...and to feel like summer it doesn't have to be 25c+ temperatures
  14. and then the next round of moaning can continue...let's get the next few days of very warm weather out the way and let's see what mother nature brings.
  15. Beautiful sunny day not a cloud in the sky bit of a breeze though...temps creeping up, 19c but still a bit depressed.
  16. Certainly a totally different feel here that last night...cool cloudy and breezy tonight and muggy and calm last night.
  17. Just a reminder to a few on here we're not even a third way through summer...if we had the same circumstance in regards to a coldies perspective towards winter there would be more than one reply about it only being Xmas! - it's been a long time since we had poor back to back summer months, who knows what awaits but I'd be very surprised to see an unsettled July on top of this month. Get out and enjoy today - the sun is out and pleasantly warm. (here in the south east)
  18. A few over exaggerations on here in terms of bad summer months in recent times...
  19. You do don't you! 2016 worse than most 80's summers...really? 1983 was just July certainly for heat and 1984 wasn't a bad one, so we agree on something. I remember the 80's particularly well as 90% of my teen years were out playing golf. 1989 wasn't a bad one either.
  20. 2011 wasn't poor - more 'mixed', I remember it well as I was laid off work that summer, each month started very warm or hot from June right through to October for a varying amount of days.
  21. agree we do have some unsettled summer months (maybe not on the scale of this June of recent times) but very rare now days you get them 'back to back'...and yes my childhood summers other than 75/76 and most of the 80's were poor...stainesbloke would have never returned
  22. Crap summers before that?...okay other than 2012 and 2007, they weren't that bad (maybe compared to Prague), and a warm September is a 'little too late' for what?...for a sun tan. Lets be honest current trends particularly for the south and south east is for increased warmth and sunshine most noticeably in the spring and autumn months, not as bad as you're making out.
  23. Personally think it's 'refreshing' to see a poor summer month, we've had far more reasonable/decent summer months over the last 5/6 years than what we've had bad...and in these times of global warming, though this month's CET will still come out near normal or if not a jiffy above. I know what I'm saying doesn't suit the sun lovers but who knows we might get a really good September to make up for it (2016) or a continuation of largely sunny warm October's...
  24. I'll give you £50 of my hypothetical money if those temperatures are on the ball in the south/south east, if the sun is out then there is no way they will be near!
  25. You really are full of the joys of summer aren't you?...but I'm sure you'd call it Autumn
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