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  1. I think that's on the basis of Judah Cohen's tweet or whatever his name is...if I had a pound for every time he's been wrong as well!
  2. I haven't even ventured into the Mod thread so far this season after 'mild gate' (late last January) when I dared to mention a few times that the ecm model at days 9/10 were trending to bring in mild conditions on a few runs and as 99% in there were looking for increasing cold on the back of the BBC/MetO and was it the European or Glosea monthly updates?...I was vilified by a few regular posters and one's I never heard of (whom I won't mention) even to type mild at the time and at that timescale. Needless to say in true Alan Partridge style I wasn't wrong and 'had the last laugh' and yes be careful what you say in that thread if you dare to post just make sure it's what the majority want to hear.
  3. really!?!...I'll believe it when I see it and I'm not sure those precipip charts are that reliable, you say thuesday? is that Tuesday and Thursday?
  4. That's the difference between living nearer the coast and as per being 8/9 miles inland like yourself, only got down to 2.5c here this morning...but a slight grass frost.
  5. Just had a small firework gathering in partially clear skies in not an exactly mild air mass tonight and the temperature was 9.5c!... how times have changed!
  6. They come out around my neck of the woods at the drop of a hat or when they believe it will drop to below 5c...must be all the stockpiled salt over the last 6 winters!
  7. ECM for the next week or so looks terrible!!...continuous low pressure being disrupted south eastwards over the country with heights to the north (though we never experience much of the cold air) and getting stuck, all I can say is make the best of any sunshine as there looks like many rainy days ahead (as if we haven't had many in the last month).
  8. Well that was a bit of a non event, wind easing already. Strongest of winds must of been along the south coast/south west, if I had to estimate I would say here (and I live near the Essex coast) gusted no more than 40 mph.
  9. Really miserable, a bit windier now but most notable is the squally rain...November has started wonderfully!
  10. According to the BBC website (I know) it should be gusting to 45 mph in my location already which really is not the case and by the early evening much calmer, I'm not sure if this is correct?
  11. Typical opening day to the 'glum season' i.e. November to March - rainy, dull and fairly mild, max of 14.8c here today. Let's just hope we see something a bit different this winter - more in hope than expectation.
  12. huh!...raining, can't remember this being in the forecast? showers coming off the North Sea (give us a break).
  13. A dry window this morning and with the wind my lawn was finally dry so got that cut...and here comes the rain again (falling on my head like a new emotion) Sadly ecm going for now a short cooler dry period next week as opposed to what it was running for the last couple of days and with low pressure once again in charge come the start of the new month (why shouldn't we be surprised).
  14. Well the projected cooler and drier spell next week looks like it is getting shorter lived by the run on the ecm...low pressure dominant near the country come the start of November, why shouldn't we be surprised?
  15. What a foul dull miserable day to add to a number we've had this month - yuck!, wanting to get my front lawn cut but it's consistently wet.
  16. Amazing last week rain stuck over us for a few days moving south west to north east against high pressure to the south, today rain stuck over us against high pressure to the west...we really have drawn the short straw over the last week, utterly miserable this morning and fairly cool!
  17. Yep! Fungi about all over the place in my garden due to the wet conditions, most of them now are in my garden waste (not sure if they were edible).
  18. What is the temperatures like?...could do with that here thought not too bad this morning.
  19. Nobody has mentioned the ECM, I wonder why?...I have not followed the GFS since spring and will continue not to during this Autumn and Winter (for my own blood pressure reasons). ECM showing a massive difference from a warm 'blocky' Europe to much colder conditions to the north and north east and not surprisingly all the cold air missing the UK in the latter stages of the run.
  20. I can only remember the 'odd' October with a frost towards the end of the month in the last decade, they are certainly becoming a rare thing. Novembers back in the 80's and even 90's had air frosts (not just ground/grass frosts)...I use to practice golf down the local driving range in the late 80's after the season had drawn to a close and quite often in the evening being wrapped up well with a frost developing on the grass whilst hitting balls, don't see that now in these parts (certainly not in the evening).
  21. Simply don't follow the GFS with it's 4 runs a day (one which we all know is more than a giggle) and hence 'less' let downs. I haven't even noticed a northerly on the ECM which I have only been following since the Spring.
  22. To quote a Supertramp song 'It's raining again'...why shouldn't I be surprised.
  23. White Christmas?...almost laughable now, it's been so long since a proper white Xmas anywhere, more chance of a BBQ one.
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