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  1. Something which we should take note of since December 2010 we haven't managed 1 winter month with a CET of 1c below normal - worrying!
  2. Now where have I heard that before?...oh yes last year!
  3. I'd be surprised if we got past 40c and the 41c being forecast on that map I think might be tad OTT certainly so far north of London...but we will see.
  4. Current max of 32.2c on the Essex Riviera, sweating buckets as have walked a mile to the local cemetery and saw a buzzard on the way. As for this heat can't get the slightest interest in it and I work outside quite a lot of the time, will keep an interest for tomorrow if we break the UK temp record but no doubt in the years ahead there will be further opportunities and more extremes... Chrisbell-nottheweatherman your main post on the the other page, very good post...strangely marked up by a certain someone being rather contradictory.
  5. I'm north of Faversham by about 25 miles as the crow flies on the Essex coast (north of Southend)...yeah wouldn't at all surprise me if that is correct for the reading there.
  6. 32.0c here mate currently (British Standard max/min bulbs in a Stevenson Screen) so should be fairly accurate.
  7. Here in Burnham it is currently 32.0c (measured with British Standard Max/Min bulbs in a Stevenson Screen housing) and a slight westerly element to the breeze so shouldn't be too different to Woodham Ferrers though there are always variations.
  8. Don't let common sense stand in the way of people who like sun and extreme temperatures and only think of the here and now...totally agree!
  9. Wowzer! current temperature now 31.4c and going up and with a fair breeze as well.
  10. Well heat really building here on the Essex Riviera, currently 29.8c - making it the hottest day of the year here surpassing 28.2c and probably another 3 hours or so until temps peak! Only saw lightning in the distance here overnight, no thunder so missed all the storms.
  11. Yes but there were other days when maximum temperatures were not far from normal, I wonder how many days out of the 30 could actually be noted as 'cold' (4/5 degrees anomaly below max average)?...majority of those would have been in that poor working week of 10th-14th when we had that stationary low over the south and north east winds. CET bares out that London was not cold over the whole month, you can't argue against facts.
  12. Never said it was good...just not 'cold', yes it was cool/cold in periods but other spells it was very warm certainly down here (at the start and towards the end), if it was continually cold further north or outside the M25 as you put it the CET wouldn't have come in close to average. Personally felt the month was refreshing in these days of global warming, it really is the first time we've had such a summer month since 2012, now it looks like normal service has been resumed.
  13. No it wasn't - look at the CET for the month, it came out near average and you can almost guarantee that the south east would have been slightly above to offset areas in northern England over the 30 day period, the opening couple of days and the last 5 days or so were pleasantly warm or are you going to say that wasn't so?...
  14. People still banging on about the 'cold' June - no it wasn't, we haven't had a cold summer month for yonks...and why does record breaking heat make up for June? almost as if some posters think they're owed something.
  15. Could be a tad warm that, so not sure how accurate that is (FARS) as maximum temperatures in East Anglia on that day was generally near to 32c. I've got a Stevenson Screen which I built myself with British Standard max/min separate bulbs and seems to be reasonably accurate but is hard to tell to what degree accuracy as there are local variations. Interesting to note just how warm it became on the date you mentioned: 27th July, my memory has obviously let me down as I thought most of the heat was largely over after Wimbledon last summer.
  16. Just been on the BBC website HYS about the possibility of the British Isles maximum temperature going over the next couple of days, my God! are there some berks about...the weather is completely wasted on them, completely oblivious about it all 'it's just summer', 'not the first time we've had a 1 day heatwave', 'they have far higher temps abroad' and other silly remarks blah blah blah!...some utter buffoons. 27.5c currently
  17. Wow! 27.7c reached today and it's meant to be one of the 'cooler' days this week!
  18. You're not the only one Tom not looking forward to it...particularly the warm sultry nights!...fast forward please to next week.
  19. Well done on that forecast for the winner Tom, always difficult to predict winners in golf from such a strong field and lets face it any player can hit form over a period of 3/4 days and take it unexpectedly as we've seen of recent times i.e. Todd Hamilton, Stewart Cink, Paul Lawrie, so you must be gutted (don't like using the word) not to have had at least an each way bet on Lowry. Incidentally SKY's Paul McGinley picked him too...
  20. Thoroughly deserved Shane well done!...fancy that Claret Jug will be flowing with Guinness tonight
  21. Typical of Rory when the spotlight is on him he very rarely delivers or is in contention but a long way to go, got very lucky on the 5th could have easily dropped at least a shot but found his ball in the jungle and had a line of sight free drop from a scoreboard in a relatively better spot and got away with a par...Shane Lowry started off well . Enjoyed that BBC Open music Tom reminded me of when they cared about golf
  22. Just over 2.5mm here in Essex since late June...looks like we might get some precipitation in the next couple of days but how much?
  23. Another warm muggy day on the Essex Riviera now with a lot of cloud, max temp today 25.1c - 5th time so far this month that at least 25c has been reached.
  24. Scraping the barrel getting Bruce in...probable cheap option. Bruce seems to be one of these managers that of recent years goes from club to club and not achieve that much then ends back up in the Premiership (god knows how)...
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