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  1. Ok whose going round with a lion costume on - total waste of Police time and provisions! - the British public!

    1. I remember Atlantic 252

      I remember Atlantic 252

      reminds me of the capello brick road song with johnny lion

  2. Washout? I don't think so - even Anglia TV stated that the weekend would become more unsettled but 'far from a washout'.
  3. See Daily Bilgepress has stated today that the Bank holiday weekend will be a 'washout' - wasn't it just a few weekends ago when they were saying the same thing for a weekend? and... basically it was just showery with some heavier rain to the north west. The paper makes me chuckle even when I see a front page headline weather related or not.
  4. Well done Wiggo! you've done the country proud...be interesting to see if Froome stays in the same team as Wiggins next year. (I too have seen footage of the Tommy Simpson collapse, truly heartbreaking, he was BBC sports personality of the year I think)
  5. I mean Jed but either way what a fruit cake

  6. just seen that Ged bloke in Morrison's, getting a bit scared!

  7. No Lynne not a Freelander!

  8. I told you this Range Rover sport had diff lock!

  9. That defo won't happen even if the GFS isn't believed, the last really hot spell we had in early June I believe was back in 1996, correct me if I'm wrong but we got up to around 33c then! but only for a day or so.
  10. Wish I was out in the States twister hunting!

    1. Mesoscale


      I wish i was out in the states period.

    2. Froze were the Days

      Froze were the Days

      My god walked past a duty free sized toblerone in Gatwick today, let's not go there!

  11. Nice to see other people are paying tribute to him!
  12. Davvy Jones of the late 60's group has died in Florida aged 66 - he died in his sleep from a heart attack. I had very fond memories of watching their TV series which used to be shown on the kids TV slot back in the 70's - hits included Daydream believer and Last train to Clarkesville. He was lead vocalist and the one the girls favourite, the series always reminded me of sunshiney California. Fond memories! RIP Davvy Jones 1945-2012
  13. These models are doing my grey matter in!

  14. Exactly! the Express never learns and combined with Mr Vogan then we might as well wave goodbye to the Easterly.
  15. They've re-badged it you fool!

    1. Gord


      I'm not buying a mini-metro. I'm not buying a mini-metro. I'm not buying a mini-metro.

  16. Ahhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Yep up to 12c today, this winter has now seen 24 days (in this part of the country) with double digit maxes and very few 'cold' days and as mentioned just last weekend/monday providing chillier temps and some frosts other than that very little. No doubt our expectations have risen over the last few winters and maybe we have just gone back to default this winter.
  18. Agreed the trend is there, whether we get proper cold on these shores and it stays to our east is another thing.
  19. After initial optimism this morning with a possible easterly showing it's teeth it's all gone rather pear shaped again (that didn't take long). We'll see what tomorrow brings.
  20. 'We're colder than Moscow' - I don't think so! absolute garbage from both Express and Daily Mail once again, I read a section in the Mail yesterday (well away from the front cover) and there were so many inaccuracies in the piece e.g. Dec - Feb 2011 had a mean of 1.5c, December 2010 was the coldest December for 31 years? 'The weathers going to get milder mid-week but colder towards the weekend with temps of 8-9c although milder than recently will still be chilly for the time of year'...I could go on but we all know that journalists at these papers know very little about weather, other than the great Jonothan Powell at PWS (how he's managed to do anything this autmn/winter is beyond me due to the constant quotes/forecasts he keeps giving these rags).
  21. It's not half way through winter and in my location 21 days that have recorded double figure maxes since the start of December! - must be the warmest start to a January for many a year, correct me if I'm wrong.
  22. Felt like early spring today and yesterday, last time we had any form of a frost was back on 21st December! seen snowdrops and crocus out already, quite ridiculous. Quite unbelievable too over the last year how high pressure has 'set up' synoptically in all the places which would bring the UK very mild/warm conditions bar Summer. I can see a return to more typical Atlantic weather next week like we had for much of December, some milder pockets with colder Pm stuff at times and agin becoming windier.
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