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  1. Personally don't see it...Azores slug will stay in situ, and just watch that Canadian PV lobe extend itself!
  2. What I've read over the last few days...the down welling continues to affect the trop as it has been a very slow response and will continue to into early February so not sure Mr Petagna's remarks above will have much influence over the coming weeks on the what we'll experience. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  3. There's been 'hope' since November reading these and particularly the 30 dayer's...
  4. Differences at around 140 between the 0z and 6z with increased WAA up the west coast of Greenland which doesn't occur on the 0z which is more progressive, in turn the 6z presents greater heights round the Greenland area which in turn with heights near Scandi presents us with greater chances of a cold North easterly thereafter, 6z & 18z runs seem to be bringing out what we want to see but are they credible?. The ecm det keep on churning out rather underwhelming runs (though okay for Scotland on the latest 0z).
  5. straight out of Hollywood that!...too late for the oscars this year, just. Let's terminate the Atlantic!
  6. Here we go again, using my face again but generally don't mind as long as it's not associated with Halloween...
  7. Never in all my time on this website have I seen so much interest in the model thread over 2 months and the word 'stonker' used so often without anything actually happening...I have my feet planted at the gate and will not be going up the garden path unless that Raymond Briggs snowman leads me up it!...and Christopher Dean and Jayne Torvill with their skates on.
  8. Late December and the first week or so of January 1996/97 had a very cold spell with some snow and Ice days!
  9. Nice to see some chillier sunny days with some air frosts the last couple of days but if this is the best it will be this winter then let's face it will be one BIG disappointment! 1, Low solar minimum 2. Many global seasonal models showing northern blocking Jan/Feb 3. SSW event forecast since December (occurred New Year).
  10. Huh!?! ...Phil NW showed me a chart of the down welling yesterday that showed it continues and peaks around 1st February but this shows nothing of the sort...(and replied saying so) confused.com
  11. Into February it is...so everybody getting excited about getting cold in the heart of winter was for nothing, next stop cold into the second half of February.
  12. Nice post - sounds like you've had your share of problems/bereavements over recent years so that explains why we've heard less from you. Tomorrow I have my fathers funeral and have largely following the models closely to see if the day was going to have any weather impacts but hasn't looked that way really for the last week.
  13. -1.6c minimum this morning in Burnham and according to moogyboobles further inland in South Woodham by 7 miles -4c - seems like a still relatively warm North sea having it's effect on coastal areas?
  14. Lovely to see a good air frost, down to -1.6c here on the Essex Riviera and still frost on the ground which is something we have not seen enough of this winter. On another note potential building in lala land for another attempt of decent cold air, anybody got enough energy for another chase?
  15. 8. One for the 'street' that's come up this winter is 'it's all good in the hood' - always make me chuckle!
  16. Why do Gifs of me keep appearing - I should be charging royalties!...back to the models, looking more or less onto Day 10 and onwards again! (like in December).
  17. HOT OFF THE PRESS: Post day 10 potential (yes we're back to how it was in December), might be a brief flirting with a northerly but nothing noteworthy in between. Yawn!
  18. and before that in November too that never came to fruition, well colder than average was predicted with only shorter milder interludes - BUST!
  19. Already folks seriously looking at 300z charts in the MOD thread for the next round...or next let down in this seriously disappointing winter (to date).
  20. At least no more huge confident posts from a certain member in the MOD thread that largely posts in encryption...for the time being
  21. As I have said numerous times this winter the MetO 30 dayer has been generally poor in it's outlooks since November onwards, wouldn't at all surprise me if they've called the colder weather at the end of January into February incorrect as well...time will only tell.
  22. Hope this is not another overreaction from you again!?! ...we'll find out in due course
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