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  1. I'd be surprised, yes looks like a fairly chilly northerly towards the end of the week could be on the cards but plenty of time for that 'heat bubble of Europe' to reassert itself again...
  2. Another decent start to the day on the banks of the River Crouch, not a cloud in the sky...and start of Burnham Week, reached 29.2c yesterday.
  3. Yeah you're right...so here in the south east a 5 day heatwave back in July, doubt will surpass that now. I'm just looking forward to some depressions that will move into Europe and mix the conditions up on the continent (something we see little of over recent summers)/
  4. 'Heatwave' is termed as 30c or above in southern England, - tomorrow, Monday and possibly Tuesday in south eastern parts could get up to that threshold and if believed 12z shows a similar occurrence next weekend!
  5. Refreshingly cool outside this evening with a hint of mist after a beautiful day a max of 25.6c here, dry as pharaohs sock out in my garden.
  6. How many times have we heard this over the last few years, particularly in Summer and Autumn...thanks for the update Tom.
  7. Thanks for that Blessed Weather, strangely I thought the BH Monday last August was quite good and warm. Maybe I was thinking of another year, according to weatheronline archives sunshine was at a minimum and max temperatures were no higher than 20c in the south east.
  8. August 2018 actually started very warm, I think it was Blessed Weather who showed me the max temps in the country for the opening week or so and they were all high 20's and into the 30's, but thereafter up until near months end got progressively cooler and unsettled.
  9. Think we had a good August Bank Holiday last year...often wet? up north and in some central parts maybe...first 9 days here how no measurable rainfall and the last few days have had next to nothing, garden is very dry and nothing growing and lawn browning up.
  10. Partly agree, watch summer roll on and on and then go into Autumn which lasts right through to March with a few days of Winter
  11. As predicted by a number on here a week/10 days ago...and certainly a possibility of going into the first week/10 days of September as no signs of the jet stream being anywhere near the UK. Makes you wonder with global warming if largely our weather is getting increasingly more predictable?
  12. Sort of backs up a few members thoughts of a week ago about the weather becoming generally more settled and warm/very warm once again...a little in the balance as per your second post but the general theme is there.
  13. Yes they do, quite readily recommended by GP's as the only Vitamin tablet that does any good...but go for quality.
  14. Utterly dreadful winter 2013/14...weeks without sun (no exaggeration) and constant rain, wind and mildness. The Vitamin D tablets and cardboard box with daylight lamp was out in force in those months! SADDDD! (to quote Partridge).
  15. 23.2c max today and in Pm air (of sorts) between an area of 2 low pressures...again like the 26c made last Friday warmer than it should be in such synoptics, downhill again tomorrow.
  16. Dismal summers day...rain 4.8mm and has been raining/drizzling on and off since 10.30am and a max temp of 17.7c but has felt colder than that due to the wind picking up in the afternoon. 7 months might be a bit OTT even for this country, 2013/14 winter was one of the most depressing I can remember for rain, cloud and mildness but even that only lasted from late November to the early March (but seemed a lot longer)...but in most dank gloomy autumns / winters we generally have some spells of brighter weather with a lull in proceedings but I generally get where you're coming from.
  17. All I can say there must be BIG variations from north to south, WildswimmerPete comes from Runcorn which isn't that far north in the UK (near Liverpool) seems to be getting the rough end of this summer as well as some folk in northern central areas towards Lincolnshire and as we know parts of Scotland have been deluged over the last couple of weeks. Other posters towards the West Country, southern areas and particularly the south east and East Anglia have had generally pleasant conditions just with the odd unsettled day and been largely dry up until Friday last week for the last 6 weeks. So to summarise big variations in such a small country...interesting to note how synoptically the weather has largely come from west to east since the start of July which hasn't always been the case over recent summers which I'm sure will break in the next few weeks and punting on a more settled spell with more anti-cyclonic weather end of the month.
  18. Miserable here today, rain 4 mm and at last a colder than average day and quite considerably 17.9c max.
  19. Temps still remaining just above normal here, had a max of 22.5c here today - not 1 day so far this month even slightly below normal but fancy that might change in the next couple of days.
  20. Largely been dry here with the odd rainy day since near the last week of June...temps above normal and quite a few dry days with some blustery conditions, not wall to wall sunshine like last summer but so far not bad.
  21. Still managed 22.2c in all the wind today (so far the coolest day this month) - not saying a lot, we might finally get a 'cool' day eventually though have to say felt a tad chilly this evening.
  22. Windier this afternoon than this morning here with sustained winds around 25mph gusting to around 42mph, just walked the dog through the park where sizeable branches had broken off but that's about it.
  23. hhhmmmm...windy yes, life threatening? no. Yes debris about but you more or less expect that in summer, no branches or boughs down around me and we have some big maple trees and nothing down in the near by park. If I had to guess I'd say the wind is generally fresh to strong.
  24. Yes I can't remember too many chilly ones either of recent years even though the CET figures haven't been that great for England but there must be a big diversity from the south east to the north for those depressed CET values in general and probably more of an Atlantic influence affecting central and northern areas as opposed to here.
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