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  1. It was thanks to some trough disruption and the jet somewhat further south and suppressed temps (not cold), now due to the building of heights (which is becoming a common occurrence in winter and summer) over Europe has pushed the Jet stream now somewhat further north which equals mild or mildish conditions and we're back in the same old rut i.e. boredom.
  2. Haven't seen the sun so far this year...please make this 'winter' stop!
  3. I'm considering going there (Montreal) Xmas this year...good compared for snow to Toronto? Have a good one!
  4. Very little snow anywhere looking at that sat image @Blessed weather other than the Alps as you point out, looks like some as you go into Western Russia, Estonia but nowt all else over Europe...very disconcerting. Happy New Year all!....here's to a more varied weather year and perhaps some snow.
  5. That's mature...what's to laugh at with record temps going everywhere globally for heat (other than India which has had it's coldest day in over a century).
  6. Okay stand corrected on that...can't ever remember this in the news at the time (certainly not on BBC pages), just as significant as Australia.
  7. I'm referring to Australia not elsewhere in the globe...as mentioned in my above post we hear little from elsewhere particularly in the southern hemisphere about their summers, when was the last time you heard about record temps in South Africa or Argentina? (by the way I'm not a GW denier).
  8. Yes that is the case and we know the interior of Australia away from the coasts is largely population free and the climate is not sustainable for hardly anything, still can't help thinking BBC are grabbing hold of every bit of info they can which will push global warming to the forefront of the news...always seems to be Australia though at this time of year, what about New Zealand, Argentina, Brazil, South Africa or any other southern hemisphere country?
  9. 5-10 days on the coast here in Essex!...that's pushing it, since 2013 I'd say nearer an average of 2 per year.
  10. No problems...by the way I still think BBC are a tad OTT as regards to mentioning heat in Australia (being part of our commonwealth), yes no doubt big bush fire problems but you can get that in less hot tinder dry conditions, I checked out the conditions in various Australian cities the other day when apparently 40c was being experienced in every state and not one city was anywhere near it and for that day and the week ahead. Can't help thinking it's BBC at every opportunity throwing climate change into everyone's consciousness...
  11. Seriously what on earth are you going on about?...I was referring to the coldest day in Northern India for over a century, how do you reply like this? (maybe the left overs of the Xmas Sherry).
  12. They won't put that on the BBC headline news page but decide to continue with Australia (which always seems to be in the news every summer due to heat/bush fires). According to the BBC page the other day every state was experiencing 40c but I delved further into this on some websites and this wasn't the case...hhmmmm.
  13. Looks pretty transient month, milder temps probably overriding cooler ones (particularly in the south)...So 5.8c for me please.
  14. Another delightful day...rather dull and grey and not a lot happening. I suppose it's better than incessant rain but that's not saying much!
  15. C'mon though that depth of cold at that time won't be experienced again in my opinion coupled with the snow - coldest 1st March,...but possible and knowing our luck just as we're expecting real Spring to kick in for it to become cold though.
  16. Agree! but going by recent winters probably a bigger chance of it remaining mild, I read a piece I believe by TomSE (I might be wrong it might have been by someone else) detailing that if December was mild than more often than not the rest of the winter would continue to be which wasn't always the case even back in the 70's/80'/90's and even the noughties - this last 6 winters or so have been by and large gruesome! Happy Xmas to all!
  17. Happy Xmas to everyone...here's to a drier and sunny New Year (at least) with some frosts (probably pushing the boat out now).
  18. I sound like a stuck record - hum dinging it down again!...real depressing stuff, I wonder who will be the first person in the MAD thread to say "let's get Xmas out the way and give the models a break and see what the new year will bring"? (hear it most years). I'll take a guess more of the same or high pressure to the south bringing mild weather...
  19. Totally agree...I've been keeping late Autumn/Winter records for yonks and this is one thing that's becoming apparent - lack of cold maxima days, hasn't got below 5.5c either in November or this December including last year though we did have one particularly cold day back in November 2017 (30th) and a cold snap between 10-12th December 2017...other than that depressing stuff but what can we expect when the wind is continually blowing from off the Atlantic or from the south?
  20. We've had 23mm in the last 36 hours and out here on the Essex coast which is one of the driest areas in the country, I think we've had approx 63mm in the last 8 days - a very wet winter spell by any standard.
  21. Just what I said to a fellow poster on the SE thread...but he seems to think it will be a frosty dry affair, not so sure! (drier maybe).
  22. The last couple of ECM runs for next week is making less of a ridge of high pressure around the Xmas period and more mobile stuff by the 27th though as you say in this part of the world looks drier but milder...not sure about frosty either!
  23. Hum dinging it down again, mild here today as well with a max of 12.3c. Latest ECM shows a brief 'cooler' drier blip at Xmas and then back to more mobile mild stuff at day 9/10 - oh joy!
  24. Ties in with some of the forecasts for Europe this winter with Europe seeing even higher temp anomalies than that of the UK, low pressure dominant in central North Atlantic or nearer to the UK and High pressure over Russia and those southerlies...
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