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  1. Will be a shocker with all the background signals/low solar minima and positive signs from the global models if we get through this winter without a day or so of cold easterlies (and I'm not talking daily maxes of 4 or 5c either)
  2. Isn't that band of snow/rain meant to narrow as it moves east though?...
  3. Amazing how so many people keep mentioning 'cold' persisting on the model thread and BBC forecasters saying lows running into cold air...punch me when 'cold' arrives as today got up to 6.3c only fractionally below normal for the time of year and yesterday only marginally colder, these daily maxes are just not noteworthy! As for tonight really not expecting anything in my neck of the woods...don't mean to be a killjoy but just saying it as I see it and I've recorded winters since 1983.
  4. I feel there might be a lot of disappointed people come tomorrow morning - okay might be some places that do better than others (just a hunch). Saying that I've just noticed -20 dew point over me for tonight on those charts above (I'm in the sweet spot)
  5. Don't believe the 06z...usually throws up different trends, again I wonder what it's verification is like compared to the 0z and 12z...it does look a better trend though and one we'd like to see but I have my doubts.
  6. Latest BBC National forecast looked like they were putting more emphasis on rain before turning to snow in this neck of the woods tomorrow night compared to the Ben Rich forecast at lunchtime today (purely looking at the graphics). Have to say I'm not expecting a lot...even if we get some wet snow laying that will be above my expectation.
  7. Just to add to my post above (almost as if I'm giving my old sports commentary on The Day Today) that 'Bluearmy' has taken up the cold batten and refuses to lose.
  8. Move to Canada... seriously you have to have a sense of humour on here, see Crewe Cold has taken the mild batten from me for tonight on the Model thread, actually signs of the dreaded word appearing on the extended outlooks.
  9. Me as well...so far it's been a disappointing winter but lets see what the weather 'throws up' in the next few days (might be pleasantly surprised or not) and that solitary day was hardly widespread. I've experienced a very fortunate brief light flurry that settled and then melted on Thursday - hardly noteworthy.
  10. Yep agree...I worded it differently last night but got laughed at like I was Peter Kay but certainly a distinct possibility and as I mentioned it keeps showing in the det runs (other than this morning) from near day 7 you have to take it seriously!
  11. C for me, but that's not happening this week so not sure how you'd catergorise this week (he said after looking into his crystal ball)
  12. No just colder temp anomalies...not bone chilling cold straight from the Urals like last February/March just more entrenched cold originally from the Pole with fronts running into it, Cold yes but not the meaty easterly that we strive to experience.
  13. C'mon own up...you've been hanging around in the MOD thread too much? believe me 'anything is possible' if you look at that many charts and ensembles thrown up in there.
  14. This could be the grand total collected from tomorrows nights event by the sound of it...
  15. Why?...they're/he's an amateur forecaster no more no less than a few on here, I'm sure there are more things in life to be concerned about
  16. Okay fair enough but I said last night trending 'mild' is also an observation (which I got slaughtered over) and backed up now by 5 of the last 6 det runs I believe (might be wrong with those figures). Thanks for the reply
  17. Why are you looking at day 7/8 when we don't have the closer term sorted yet? (as some were telling me last night) still trending 'milder' in EC FI (I will not say 'mild') as everybody will be laughing at me as of last night...a little hypocritical.
  18. Strange that one Tom (Dec 2010) in my neck of the woods snowfall was never that deep, only about 3 inches max at any time in that late November to December spell and often it melted relatively quickly within a day or so but heard places in West London, Surrey, Kent etc received up to 8 inches and even Paul Sherman in Leigh received far more than here in Burnham - that is why I hold December 1981 in much higher regard than the fore-mentioned spell (here anyway).
  19. I've heard it could be very localised...this could be the scene in a higher altitude town like Wycombe in the south east if your in the sweet spot!
  20. What's the latest on tomorrow evenings cataclysmic event?...GFS showing low to far north or ECM showing low not oriented right, GFS/P to far south or Icon maybe bang on! haven't been in MOD thread after last night but I bet that's what it's like ...personally feel It will be all a lot hot air (for this region) as per the winter so far! I live in hope of a change...
  21. exactly!... and stay the same between Saturday and Sunday when Saturday was largely a fairly mild day across England?
  22. No that's okay but I've often looked at synoptic charts (since early 80's) without looking at upper temperatures and that generally tells me all I need to know other than inversion cold - if you look at most recent day 9/10 ecm det runs you can see there has been a trend for heights to grow towards western Iberia (also stated by the brave Jason M), okay not mild as you say but the possibility of trending mild. Too many disciples in there following their messiahs and everything they say, don't get me wrong there are some good posters (Steve Sussex, Mr Murr, Bluearmy, Catacol, Nick F) but everybody is falible.
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