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  1. Well so much for the thunderstorm threat...wasn't even worth mentioning on the BBC forecast yesterday. I've counted 1 day with a decent convection heavy shower/T-storm threat this spring and that's it, just feel like our weather is getting less varied.
  2. Looks like a repeat of 2018 could be on the cards...although there has been some nippy days this month. Now we've seen somewhat of a pattern change with more of an Atlantic direction to the wind it should mostly be off a warm/very warm Tm in the coming days.
  3. Didn't say it's not possible did I? just said the likelihood of being cool was slim - I know where my money would go. And yes correct on a cold winter happening again...
  4. To the theme of the three degrees...'when will we see rain again? when will share precious moments?' - a mighty 1.5mm of the stuff so far this month, oh well at least the weeds in the flower beds aren't growing at silly rates.
  5. I'm actually hoping for a cool summer which usually means more interaction from the Atlantic or a high pressure system displaced westwards, usually not all bad news as we generally see some more convective activity...the chances of this summer being cooler than average, pretty slim to be fair.
  6. All the hallmarks are there again, either high pressure to the north of us or over us or strong enough to the west or east...Atlantic has gone absolutely AWOL again and to think we had nothing but the Atlantic bar a few blips from October through to early March. Though with all that rain you'd think the reservoirs should be amply topped up to cope with any drought this summer.
  7. It really doesn't amount to much this up coming cold/colder spell as this warm period currently experiencing will do just as much for the CET as next week will for cold. Next week looks sunny and with the strength of the sun at this time of year you can guarantee some of the 'colder' days won't be far off normal (particularly in the south) - this has been the way for the last number of years - warm periods more than off-set the colder ones (when they do pop up, which is not often) but not a guarantee.
  8. Strikes me we don't get poor bank holidays in the spring and summer anymore...trying to think of the last poor one. Another sunny day but with the chance of some T-storms for a few going by Blessed Weathers above post. Happy VE Day everybody...'we'll meet again don't know where don't know when but I'm sure we'll meet again some sunny daayyy' ?
  9. Cloudy here and feels quite muggy with the temperature just short of 21c which is warmer than the past wall to wall sunny days...expecting some well needed rain tomorrow and by the sounds of it temperatures below normal for the first time in a while (here anyway).
  10. To date this certainly has to be one of the if not the driest April's on record - only 1 mm here so far and I should think in quite a few southern/south eastern areas not much more as well. Next week looks somewhat more unsettled...we'll see.
  11. Just a bit of rain from some showers/convection is all I ask as we know we're going to get diddly squat from the Atlantic until October'ish (in this part of the world), it's just amazing how quickly we've gone from constant cloud/rain to wall to wall sunshine and bone dry...all the hallmarks of GW.
  12. April 2018 was 2c above the 1961-90 series and May 2.1c so that month couldn't have been very cold at times otherwise we wouldn't have got that anomaly (we know March was) and as for 'another cloudy' one re: summers...not sure about that as sunshine totals of recent summers are on the rise. Attached shows the anomaly for 2018 and that is going by the warmer 1981-2010 series!
  13. Really?...2018 ring any bells?, cooler summer than average? well it's about time we did but I very much doubt it, even the fairly miserable June last year was near normal CET wise.
  14. Hit the dizzy heights of 1mm of rain for this month after yesterday's deluge...amazing how it's gone from chucking it down most days for months to almost bone dry the last month, will be interesting to see if we get a repeat of 2018.
  15. A cell developing just to the north of me - a few flashes of lightning and rumbles of thunder but it's heading away from where I live. Still waiting for some meaningful rain...
  16. Really?...a weak front passing through from the NE? So much for the 'cooler showery Easter weekend' which greeted the NW home page in mid-week, only tomorrow looks to be notably cooler.
  17. Depressing looking at the CET anomalies for this year so far...we are certainly heading for a record breaking year if it carries on in the same vain.
  18. Yes but Fri/Sat was meant to be getting cooler a day or so ago...I wonder when this region will see the next substantial rainfall from the Atlantic?
  19. See NW has dropped the cooler more unsettled headline from yesterday. Today we have 'destabilising low and showers' which basically in this part of the world will mean a bit more cloud and probability dry for most and temperatures above normal. I feel the theme is slowly setting in for the rest of spring and summer.
  20. Usual weather pattern developing again as we push towards mid-spring...high pressure over Europe taking over proceedings, so largely dry (certainly in this part of the world) and increasingly warm, and the Atlantic nowhere in sight other than western and northern fringes of the country.
  21. Not here on the coast!...just had some rain and that was it. Nice to see the weather can let you down just as much in late March as in winter. ?
  22. We wait months in the late November to early March period and not a chance...and then we finally get winds coming in from the east and by the end of this week looks like coming in from the north and yes again in the spring, but it's all becoming a bit predictable.
  23. Players Championship (golf) is in full swing! Yippeeeeeeee!!
  24. A lot of the humid/warmer countries and southern hemisphere don't seem to be effected as bad - Malaysia/Thailand/Taiwan/Vietnam etc. countries not far from China...as mentioned we'll probably get a cold spell when we don't need it. Back to this country, and just wish this wind will do one never mind the rain!
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