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  1. Chaos here this morning with thousands of children off school, here's one of the scenes down the local park. As you can see the snow was fairly deep!
  2. I'll plump for 5.1c - I can see more Atlantic based weather than anything that cold.
  3. I'm 'wintering' in the lesser known Burnham 'on Crouch' which is a river like a mud filled ditch after a flood (like my late Father used to say) - just north of Sarrfend on sea, any chances? or maybe some rain/sleet on the coast.
  4. Cloudy in Heathrow? - that's all those BA airlines making a U-Turn back
  5. Now that comes from a man who is not only a weather buff but also realistic when it comes to Britain's winters and he lives in France!...I will firmly take that as positive coming from Nick!...I'll hold you to account if it's all grass and tarmac tomorrow though I doth my cap in your general direction.
  6. ah! love Portslade...my dad was evacuated there in the second world war (sorry off Topic). positive post for you there jackski4
  7. I hope there not going within a 1000 miles of Illinois and the mid-west...snowflake airlines!
  8. Another post just landed from me in the ramps and banter thread...another positive one from me (just for you) Between you and me I've been recording winter weather since 1983 (have a stevenson screen for recording temps, dew points)...I think by and large it's the amount of 'weather let downs' that has sculpted me this way)
  9. Realism over positivism (just made that up) mate...I also have a strange sense of humour as you can tell, by the way I've been here since 2005!
  10. Funny how only a day or so ago people were saying this was the 'main course'...well if that's the case that mouthful of Hors D'oeuvres was the equivalent of eating a rotten snail wrapped in lard.
  11. Mary Nightingale on the ITV headline news this evening just mentioned the latest on 'the big freeze' hitting most of Britain then went on to interview a reporter on Bodmin (higher ground) in Cornwall where they've had a few inches and some not to unhappy motorists taking things a bit comically - crikey! talk about trying to make something into a news story. I think ITV news producers should be shifted off to Chicago...
  12. Don't expect anything to lift the hopes of an easterly from the 12z ecm tonight...the differences between the 0z and 12z have been like chalk and cheese towards FI in the last day or so.
  13. About 1 cm on the Essex Riviera last night...soon melting in the sun, at least we had something but that's about all I can say.
  14. Cold hard rain here... none of that changing from one thing to another here rubbish, I like precipitation who knows what it is!
  15. I think judging by the national forecast (earlier) when the undercut of cold air is experienced the front is expected to be quite narrow over the south east...
  16. bbc national forecast graphics (yes I know) at lunchtime for this region were less encouraging than yesterday and certainly showed more rain than snow and of course they covered their backs by not ruling out a covering of wet snow particularly on higher ground.
  17. Will be a shocker with all the background signals/low solar minima and positive signs from the global models if we get through this winter without a day or so of cold easterlies (and I'm not talking daily maxes of 4 or 5c either)
  18. Isn't that band of snow/rain meant to narrow as it moves east though?...
  19. Amazing how so many people keep mentioning 'cold' persisting on the model thread and BBC forecasters saying lows running into cold air...punch me when 'cold' arrives as today got up to 6.3c only fractionally below normal for the time of year and yesterday only marginally colder, these daily maxes are just not noteworthy! As for tonight really not expecting anything in my neck of the woods...don't mean to be a killjoy but just saying it as I see it and I've recorded winters since 1983.
  20. I feel there might be a lot of disappointed people come tomorrow morning - okay might be some places that do better than others (just a hunch). Saying that I've just noticed -20 dew point over me for tonight on those charts above (I'm in the sweet spot)
  21. Don't believe the 06z...usually throws up different trends, again I wonder what it's verification is like compared to the 0z and 12z...it does look a better trend though and one we'd like to see but I have my doubts.
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