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  1. Not of recent February's not to sat they haven't been mild - March's of the 00's and 2010's have often had spells like this though (lasted at least a week) which goes unnoticed behind the cold facades of 2013 and 2018. 16.4 degrees of pure British Fahrenheit - to quote the great man!
  2. You're talking as if we don't see this type of weather often...from the majority of April though to mid-October last year we experienced a lot of sun and dry conditions, don't get me wrong this is better than wet, cloudy stuff but we shouldn't be having this in February!...and synoptically when there is still 'room' for cold weather do get a high anchored to the east or south east without a change is boring. Only my opinion of course
  3. The continuation of low pressure ALL the time in the Atlantic is another reason...look at the write-off month of December 2018 and look to our west, day after day all you'll see is low pressure but this time not with the defined strong jet that we associate with mild conditions.
  4. By the Gods this weather is boring - looks like a slight pattern change come later in the week but still looks pretty boring. Where is the cool/cold Pm/Am air from northerly's or north westerly's between the low pressures that we don't get any more? or the lack of cold high pressure that we see less and less of? Yawn!
  5. Yes it's begun early and no doubt last through to October and then from November to March we'll experience a prolonged Autumn.
  6. haha!...98% aren't bothered with warm synoptics and I'm not one to chuck the proverbial sindy doll out of the pram. Hope you keep your melons to your own confides and not down the local allotments...otherwise there's going to be some jaws hitting the compost
  7. Always seems to of recent years soon as we get into late March...look out for those building blocks (as per last year) for increasing warmth such as firstly high pressure throughout southern Europe and then building north towards Scandinavia followed by the Azores HP ridge extending towards the UK = built in heat from April onwards.
  8. I don't know, who?...but yes fully concur with what cheeky_monkey. Remember the ridicule I received back in late January when I said it looks like the models were picking up on a mild south westerly signal at day 9/10 and posters replied 'well this is the hunt for cold thread' and other silly remarks yet it's a completely different story with some who have a cold bias who frequently post in there and have been to put it 'mildly' wide of the mark when it's come down to day zero!
  9. Exceptionally mild?...well don't know about that, I could reel off a number of winters since the millennium that has been milder than this but in regards to 'background signals' (yes those words again) coming into this one it has been very disappointing, no doubt!
  10. Hardly looked at the models the last few days as it looks a real struggle now to get any cold in (as it basically has this entire winter)...looked at 12z ecm at 24z and then skipped out to 240z and guess what hardly any difference! ...I'll come back in a few days time when in all likely hood they'll be no change again.
  11. True!...he keeps coming back for more even though there's been so many 'game over's' this winter.
  12. Don't we say this after (even though we've got 20 days of winter to run) most disappointing winters?...have to say this one has been particularly frustrating considering all the 'positive' background signals and seasonal global models and MetO/ec46 outlooks, and putting this into regard could be the most frustrating since the millennium...
  13. I think you'll find it was more than 3 days...and the anomaly chart actually showed the warmest anomalies in central parts up to Michigan/Illinois/Minnesota/Iowa etc where it was coldest but yes agree that parts of the mid-west/west coast and towards eastern seaboard were largely mild throughout that month. Anyway all water under the bridge now. 12z maybe offers some hope moving forwards but once again looking into the far reaches...
  14. No thanks!...the same Michael Ventrice who was showing temperature anomaly charts in fairly early January for mid-month onwards about the effects of the SSW in the States (particularly central and northern states) and yes showing very warm anomalies and mentioning 'toasty'?...the rest is history.
  15. 'it is to early to say for certain' ...well I wish they had started every 30 dayer like that for the last few months and going by their accuracy would have prompted numerous posters on here hanging on every word they say not to take them as gospel. Lets face it this winter they've been way off the mark...possibly other than the back end of January.
  16. I've been trying too all winter...noticed in the papers yesterday (The Mirror, yes I know) a MetO spokesman mentioned the second half of February will be colder, another straw to grasp?
  17. Lightning very rarely strikes twice in consecutive late winter/early spring periods...I'd be surprised to see anything cold and snowy again this late Feb/March period...
  18. Always amazes me the variations we get on our tiny Isle in such short distances...great to see some had good snow and no doubt will leave some brief fond memories of this winter...as for me had a dusting a few days back which turned icy and then went. (better than nothing I suppose).
  19. Maybe the cold SST's in the Greenland/Iceland vicinity has aided some cyclogenesis in that area, we have certainly seen low pressure development at a higher latitude from the Canadian PV lobe in that area this January? I remember Gav P mentioning this before the winter and somebody else bringing up recent years Atlantic anomalies (2013 to now) and the cold anomaly continuing in the northern part of the North Atlantic.
  20. Looks like I was right last week then when I said GFS/ECM ops firming up on trending 'mild' at day 9/10 - I was the Peter Kay of this thread. Is there a smug emoji?... By the way good post Catacol.
  21. On the flip side other than January 2010 no outstandingly cold ones either...I think you can put 2014/16 and 18 all in the 'mild' bracket though.
  22. Yes there have been some 'colder' days and I use inverted comma's as here in the south east we've largely seen daily maxes over the last week or so still getting up to 4/5/6c which is not noteworthy though as mentioned in the above post there have been some consistent air frosts which have certainly made it feel seasonal (frosty grass, Icy puddles, ponds etc), but as a cold spell it's not up to much and Jan/Feb 2013 was better than this...off the top of my head trying to think of the last CET winter month that was below 1c...December 2010?
  23. Didn't see much in a way of a wind reversal in our neck of the woods did we? in relation to the trop response to the SSW but it would be sods law that we'd see a quick response back to normal zonal winds
  24. Hahahaha! ...think that was me (not sure who GTLTW is)?, yes far more chance of finding the fury fella than the beast from the east over the last 10 months or so (great picture by the way)...0z GFS gives us a crumb of hope again this morning (again) no doubt before dropping the signal on other runs and ecm 0z compared to yesterday's is relatively poor.
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