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  1. and hopefully cooling that continent off somewhat if we can get that jet going somewhat on a NW/SE position
  2. Since the last week of June better than average here...mainly sunny (dry spells) and warmer than average with some briefer unsettled breezy interludes 6.5/10
  3. Thanks @Blessed Weather as thought this area in Essex particularly dry, I worked out we had probably less than 33% rainfall and again not surprising the warmest conditions generally to the east of London (an anomaly conducive to westerly Tm conditions). Amazing when you look at the maps on the opening page supplied by Malcolm how consistent the range of the driest and warmest conditions have been since 2016 with slight variations from year to year...
  4. Just over 6 mm here this morning, probably the biggest rainfall total in one day for sometime.
  5. and not for the first time this summer when somewhat cooler conditions were forecast...on Saturday BBC website had highs of 19c and 20c for Monday/Tuesday here but in reality we've had 21.6c and 23.6c... How the hell we'll get another substantially cooler that average month at this rate is beyond me, but it will probably come when we least expect it!
  6. I pay no attention anymore to the GFS...haven't viewed it all spring and summer.
  7. Been the story of the last month and a bit in my region @Blessed, we had some sporadic rainfall around mid-month in August but each time never more than 4 or 5mm, the graphics do look encouraging for tomorrow to liven up the parched landscape...I'll guess at around 5mm, not a lot but welcome.
  8. Give it time ECM 0z sniffing at that high pressure just to our south west creeping eastwards at day 9/10 which only means one thing...
  9. Strange really as here to the east of London on the coast we've had plenty of 24c+ sunny days over August...BUT there have been times we missed out on showers (last month) that areas just to the west of London and some other placed in west East Anglia experienced. Again variations in such a small country!
  10. Really!?! - in London?...maybe in June but thereafter very debatable...
  11. Last day of meteorological summer...and has finished how it left off on June 1st (warm and quite humid) 24.6c max today. It has been a bit of an irregular summer for some particularly in central and northern parts but in this neck of the woods generally has been better than average since last week of June, about as bone dry as it's been all summer. Roll on Autumn, require a quick cool down of the continent please.
  12. As I mentioned the other day how did the CET only go up by 0.1c on Tuesday with that heat and fairly warm night (8-10c above normal by day), largely effecting the south and east...some eyebrow raising of the ongoing CET from day to day me thinks!
  13. Yes according to member Blessed Weather the first week or so of 2018 was very warm/hot (which had forgotten about) so really comparing like to like is hardly a 'blip' that period this year was still on the warm side! with the warmth continuing unlike last August. Another warm sunny day here to add to the numerous we've had just a blip mid-month - max 24.1c.
  14. What 'blip' start to August?...here on the Essex coast for the first 9 days it was warm/very warm with hardly any traceable rainfall, the summer on the whole certainly since late June has been better than average with some unsettled/windy days thrown in.
  15. Well that's what I thought we had...a majority of southern and south eastern areas on Tuesday must have been 8-10c above the daily maximum temperature (which is near 21c/70f) at the back end of August and for the CET to go up just by 0.1c, maybe offset somewhat by cooler conditions to the north west maybe?
  16. Sometimes wonder if you live in another country...but 15c is some 10c colder than here in Essex today - incredible! As I said a few weeks ago you need to move down here
  17. Only gone up by 0.1c from yesterday with many southern and south eastern areas in the high 20's and low 30's?...seems strange.
  18. Been out for a mile or so walk this afternoon, though yesterday was 29c and today just above 25c it still feels quite humid just with bit more of a breeze. Actually looking forward to some proper fresh conditions...whenever that occurs!
  19. Just been for my Wednesday walk experiencing a very brief passing shower (if you could call it that) and can categorically state it still feels quite humid though with more than a breeze than yesterday.
  20. Going to have a bit of a moan here...just saw the Look East local weather presented by the lady whose name escapes me, she said today's weather will 'come as a shock to the system' - really!?! just checked the temperature outside and it is 25c, how is that a shock to the system? which is still about 4 degrees centigrade above average. Even though its cooler only a tad fresher. Some times I despair at these local presenters or even the lady on ITV with her OTT hand gestures, it really makes you think that they have limited knowledge on weather or our climate or perhaps told by the production team to make over issues.
  21. Agree...for most of the UK a near 'average' summer will be appropriate, most of southern and eastern parts I would say even a bit better, but again some variations. B87 - for the south east I think your assessment is about right, both July and August have been okay just 'spoilt' due to briefer unsettled windier interludes from making them 'good' summer months.
  22. Far from a 'wash out' in my neck of the woods (Essex coast)...just walked through the local park near the river and it is absolutely parched. The summer as a whole will be remembered for the relatively poor June but in my opinion it was the first wide scale poor summer month we've had since 2012 but even then the last 7 days finished okay, and the spikes of record breaking heat). July and August on the other hand have both been relatively good (again talking about my neck of the woods) many warm to very warm days with the odd hot one thrown in as like today, may dry days with sporadic rainy wet windy briefer interludes stopping both months being 'good' in my opinion. So far this August we've had only 14mm of rain (so probably only 33% of average) I should think the wash out days though big variations apply more to central and northern areas of England and parts of Scotland (certainly since end of June).
  23. Since late June here in the south east (on the coast) the summer has been not bad - dry spells, warmer than average (with the odd rainy/breezy windy day thrown in) and just the odd day not making the average max temperature...6.5/10 for me so far! Currently about as dry as it ha been all summer...garden water butts are almost empty.
  24. ECM 0z already showing that mid-Atlantic ridge flattening out, a few cooler days and then back to what we have been accustomed to on and off this summer (low pressure closer to Scotland) and some relatively humid Tm air to the south...
  25. I'd be surprised, yes looks like a fairly chilly northerly towards the end of the week could be on the cards but plenty of time for that 'heat bubble of Europe' to reassert itself again...
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