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  1. Rather underwhelmed as well with the output...some brief northerly/north westerly shots but that's about it...normal winter fayre infact! It's the zone of death needs obliterating - always a continuation of lows moving east south of Greenland.
  2. I'm pretty certain Ian Brown's WTF moment came before 2013...as we already had some decent cold winter spells before that and he was always harping on about 'large teapot'...maybe Dec 2010 perhaps?
  3. I'd actually say the ecm looks worse for 'potential' post day 10 the last few days than what it did back in earlyish December - but of course a few in the MAD thread will tell you otherwise and to look at the Hemisphere profile (only due to the SSW implications).
  4. Hot off the press: Zilch showing on latest ecm 12z - potential factor post day 10, 5/10.
  5. Good God!...another uncertain prediction, shall we toss a coin?
  6. At the moment?...they've been uncertain in these updates since late October! and largely not been hugely accurate.
  7. No potential in F1 (utterly boring)...but looking at FI 240+ I'm seeing potential which will become less so in another day or so's time followed by sporadic charts showing further severe potential!
  8. Look we've got Day 10 potential!...who would want anymore? 2018/18 the winter of potential!
  9. 'Potential at day 10' - where have I heard that before?...oh yes this entire late autumn and winter.
  10. So night time maxes then maybe? December 2013 was a tad cooler (I think)
  11. Blimey it has been poor up to now!...lack of frosty mornings the big culprit me thinks
  12. That was my 'inkling' a week or so ago...we're certainly in a holding pattern at the moment so it might go one way or the other or we could just get a lot of non descript weather, wouldn't pay too much attention to the MetO 30 dayer (been poor the last month or so). No rain for a while so at least that's a bonus
  13. I've been saying the same thing for the last month or so...they HAVE NOT been very accurate in this period on their updates, remember them saying only a week or so back this period would be settled before colder conditions then they quickly reworded it with unsettled windy conditions into the New Year...not seeing any of that currently or the foreseeable. Far too much notice taken of these in my opinion certainly considering their track record of late!
  14. You try telling then that in there...shot to pieces or even make something humorous out of the term 'Hunt for cold'.
  15. Blimey someone has lost his sense of humour in the New Year ...it was all based around the wording 'Hunt for' rather than being scientifically based or even serious!
  16. On the whole though the events you're mentioning are generally quite sporadic...not saying you won't experience cold anomaly months any more they're becoming infrequent compared to the rash of mild/warm anomaly months. In my opinion too summers particularly in the south/south east are becoming warmer and no doubt Spring months and Autumn ones are too. Last poorish summer was 2012! last cool winter 2013!
  17. We're still waiting... though I compare the 'hunt for cold' comparable to the 'hunt for bigfoot' - very mythical beast (sometimes from the east sometimes from the Pacific north west) which could be stirring in the distance and it's different from the norm and blurry in nature but might be making a move towards us, when it gets close there will be nervous excitement. Just hope it's not the normal hoax.
  18. Yawn! - get out the ol' perturbations, let's be honest how often do the best one's come off?
  19. blimey!...very quiet on here, haven't looked at GFS 12z in FI - it's obviously showing not a lot in the immortal words of Mr Daniels.
  20. After the 14th basically...so no change really.
  21. Here we go something to get the juices flowing from Jan 1987 from one of the lanes near Burnham
  22. Happy New Year all! Right to the here and now and yet another mildish end to the old year and start of the new one!! - seems to be annually mild at this time. Here are the maxes and mins from where I live for New Years Eve and New Years Day of recent years: 2009/10: 31st 4.2, -1.2 1st 3.1, -1.8 2010/11: 31st 6.0, 4.9 1st 6.8, 3.3 2011/12: 31st 12.4, 8.7 1st 12.3, 8.5 2012/13: 31st 11.4, 8.9 1st 8.9, 8.9 2013/14: 31st 9.6, 5.5 1st 10.5, 6.1 2014/15: 31st 6.2, -0.7 1st 11.3, 4.5 2015/16: 31st 10.5, 6.5 1st: 8.2, 1.9 2016/17: 31st 8.0, 4.8 1st 9.0, 4.5 2017/18: 31st 12.9, 7.9 1st 7.0, 5.2 2018/19: 31st 10.0, 8.5 Very few frosts here in my local and no doubt others across the area - sorry for all the stats with the banging heads at the moment!
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