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  1. Well my late father would certainly agree with you (who passed away just before Xmas)...he put this down in his eulogy 'that warm rain on a summer's lawn just brought out the fragrances of everything surrounding'...
  2. Looks like another day of cloud humidity and possibly some rain, not sure about storms - what heavy stuff on the radar is on the continent again!
  3. Very muggy here on the Essex Riviera...sun trying to come out, 22.5c already
  4. 'poor summer' !?!...well might have been further north but here in the south, south/east there hasn't been a 'poor' summer since the Olympic summer of 2012, just the more unsettled month...
  5. Just wait and see...you might be pleasantly surprised, never over read models or people on that thread.
  6. Well if you're further north the topographical effects would be a case but less so near Doncaster/South Yorkshire...but the United Kingdom map does prove to a warming climate and as you say not as much difference as you'd think between South Yorkshire and the south east for the maximum averages in June - not sure you can base readings alone on that map though.
  7. I thought you'd mention last summer which for most of May, June and first half of July was true...but undoubtedly our dew points do rise as the summer wears on, as the Atlantic heats up. For most of last summer we had continental influenced conditions that doesn't always happen.
  8. Since when has Yorkshire in mid-June had average maxes at 20c?...that's what I expect here in Essex currently.
  9. Yes but we still have 11 more days for those St James Park figures to run (as compiled by weatheronline) which are statistically warmer than the start of June so by months end we won't be more than 1c below normal... Not disagreeing about how poor June is so far but I do think there's not so much of a case as regards temperatures in this part of the world, Alemans post above sort of sums it up really.
  10. True...and that's the point it's what we have become use to, particularly in the south and east. Fact is we rarely get a cold summer CET month of 'modern' times and when we get a cold spell/snap as per last week on top of the last couple of months average temps it does tip a few over the edge.
  11. Heat which usually is accompanied by humidity in this country isn't fun if you suffer with breathing problems/asthma... St James Park, London is averaging so far to the 19th - 19.75c max average, so considering 21c is the max average for London and June I'd say probably running fractionally below average (Don't forget the month started very warm).
  12. Totally agree!...synoptically it was really dull to watch for a few months but great if you like dry, sunny and very warm conditions.
  13. No I was referring to the south east in my post not areas further north or even central parts...
  14. No it hasn't been 'cold' bar a few days last week in the rain with temps varying from 12 - 14c, for most of the 19 days of this month so far temps have either been just below or near average here (and I'm just north east of London)...too many people getting carried away with recent summers expected high maxes. Well that's no great shakes considering since then they've all been varying from close to normal to very mild...
  15. We just missed out but the storms were to the east in the North Sea, but there were continuous lightning flashes and cloud to cloud bolts, 10th June 1994 was an absolute belter in the evening for storms which were more widespread and moved south to north.
  16. Temperature wise, I'm not talking what's falling from the sky, I bet the Met Office temp profile map for June comes out near normal for the SE at months end. Heat up next week now on the cards.
  17. 9 degrees now!!...blimey you're temperatures are getting even colder, can't help feeling you're over exaggerating.
  18. Well it hasn't been cold in the south east but nearer normal...that weather map displayed the other day by Nick Miller (I think) showed that...and even that map I think was a bit OTT in depth of cold for June up to then (for central parts) not just for those few cold very wet days of a week ago.
  19. Just went to the east of me on the Essex coast but didn't stop me seeing continuous lightening and cloud to cloud bolts, some moderate rain but as said all the heavy stuff went into the North Sea...judging by the models for next week could be an extended round two and certainly hotter!
  20. Looks pretty thundery as well...quite a bit of humidity.
  21. I can hear distant thunder here on the Essex coast (north of Southend)...
  22. Bet I (and others) only experience rain, humidity, a lot of cloud hanging around in the morning and just the briefest rumble of thunder...happens so many times in these situations. I much prefer a Spanish plume and a distinct line of showers moving northwards - June 10th 1994 was spectacular!
  23. Good ol' tropical south east fringes still holding onto average temps,,,maybe some of my posts referring to moaning might have been a bit premature as it does seem like many central areas are having a cold one - you all want to move here where there building houses and concreting everything over in a blink of an eye... Saying that the above map doesn't really seem to correlate with the hadley CET of just 0.7 below...seems a bit extreme.
  24. I bet with all this moaning about this month (look at some of the other threads) we still end up close to the CET if not slightly above...as Don mentioned it looks like we're in a bit of a warm up phase now.
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