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  1. If you weren't following the GFS (which I rarely do) it was always going to be at least 3 days of heat (predicted from last weekend) and even the ECM to a degree has extended it to near Thursday over the last day or so. Key here: don't follow the GFS...
  2. Not as hot here on the Essex coast as yesterday...max of 28.3c and partially cloudy through the day.
  3. Well not as hot here on the muddy Riviera as in Sussex but already above the 'hoped' for 23/24c that I thought due to a sea breeze. 26.4c currently and little wind.
  4. 31.3c max on the Riviera today so our hottest day of the summer and still just above 28c at the moment!!...hopefully that chart above will give the coasts a rest bite tomorrow (roughly 23/24c here with an onshore breeze).
  5. 29.1c here on the Riviera....0.8c to beat my hottest of the summer which should be easily achievable unless we get one of those nagging afternoon on-shore breezes arrive.
  6. Even the Beeb webpage had my location at 31c a few days back for today and I'm on the coast and as you say predicted temps do go up within a day or so closer..so on that basis always looks like an event to push the boundaries, time will tell.
  7. Nope! referring to the max temperatures...which is largely towards the south east, this always look like being hot, but how hot we will see.
  8. Hmmm....one or two people last weekend saying this wouldn't be as hot as last Friday and predicting 31-32c for today/coming weekend. Me thinks they are off the mark!
  9. Yet another day here temperature wise that has exceeded what the BBC website (rubbish I know) showed a couple of days ago for today (23c and then yesterday showed 25c for today)...and we get 26.8c max today!!. Lost count how many times this has happened over the last week or so in my location.
  10. That's lush!...I posted my front lawn yesterday on the Summer Ramps and Moans thread, decidedly browner.
  11. Couldn't agree more...not sure there is a maximum working temperature rule in office/factory, I know there is for cold. Best of luck.
  12. Still hit 25c here today...don't think that was forecast. 31c forecast here on the coast for both upcoming Friday and Saturday and that will probably creep up nearer the time, so probability inland in the south east will probably be nudging 35c+ I would imagine...God help us all.
  13. Good Friday, Easter Sat and Sunday were warm and humid (see my post above)...it became much fresher in the south east for a period thereafter on the Monday. Memory like a goldfish me
  14. Yep! bone dry and sunny from late March through to end of May...one passing T-storm on Easter Sunday with a few cloud to ground forks and that was the highlight of that period.
  15. Yes we had 1 which passed south to north (trying to remember the date) but it wasn't accompanied by that much rain...as mentioned though cloudier here with some rainfall non of it has been particularly heavy this summer, it was parched to a degree back in late May (as per 2018) but recovered somewhat in June only to go downhill again.
  16. Well if it is going to go brown and parched it is usually going to be around late July/August but it was a bit parched in May (after the dry, sunny Spring) and the same in June in 2018 again after a remarkable Spring which the lawn took all Autumn to recover from so maybe a trend? Got some big trees which takes a fair bit of moisture as well so maybe only a partial reflection of conditions.
  17. Believe me it is is parched....if it is 'typical summer grass in SW London' it shows you just how much our climate is changing!
  18. Here is my parched lawn...far from lush, saying that my location always does well in a westerly set up in the summer for sun, warmth and lack of rainfall.
  19. Yes but there was more of a jet stream then, we've been just on the wrong side of a weakish jet throughout July (bar last day or so). The jet now looks like it's going to go AWOL for at least a few days at the end of this week...will be interesting to see what happens but my bet is for a very warm August
  20. Not sure about that (maybe talking about your native Czechoslovakia)?...by next weekend could be looking at similar temps in the south and possibly for longer than a day, not sure that this summer has been that bad. Again certainly if you live in the south east, my lawn is parched and haven't cut it for a good number of weeks, yes cloudier and somewhat cooler but not sure it equates to 'dross' what does that make 2012 and 2007?...if so it shows just how much our summers have changed.
  21. What are you talking about?...it's going up because these are anomalies on the cold side of the normal (CET), so if the figures currently go up the colder it is becoming in relation to the norm relating to what series you're looking at - comprendo? Been very nice down here the last couple of days - but I suppose that's the north/south divide
  22. Ahh! the same ones you were telling us about in winter when you thought 12/13c was chilly as there was some wind?....I wonder when they will next make an appearance?
  23. Strangely where I am on the Essex Riviera my lawn which is always a good indicator of what summer has been like looks tired and deprived of moisture and hasn't grown at all over the last few weeks...but in my location our climate is about as close to a continental one as you'll experience in this country. Also of note my location does about as well as any part in the country for sun, warmth and lack of rainfall when the pattern is largely westerly driven as per near the beginning of June.
  24. His version of 'poor' in relation to our summers going by history of posts is something different...British Isles is not situated close to the Mediterranean , so far this summer in my opinion has been very 'average'...somewhat cooler than recent summers but there hasn't been that much rain but cloud cover the last fortnight or so has been the most noticeable thing (talking about the south east). I live in Essex and I wouldn't say it's been poor either...been quite a number of usable days for gardening, walking etc. 2012 the last generally poor summer was certainly worse than this...
  25. Reached nearly 22c yesterday and felt humid...nothing cold about that, suns out today but that wind can really do one!
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