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  1. Miserable here today, rain 4 mm and at last a colder than average day and quite considerably 17.9c max.
  2. Temps still remaining just above normal here, had a max of 22.5c here today - not 1 day so far this month even slightly below normal but fancy that might change in the next couple of days.
  3. Largely been dry here with the odd rainy day since near the last week of June...temps above normal and quite a few dry days with some blustery conditions, not wall to wall sunshine like last summer but so far not bad.
  4. Still managed 22.2c in all the wind today (so far the coolest day this month) - not saying a lot, we might finally get a 'cool' day eventually though have to say felt a tad chilly this evening.
  5. Windier this afternoon than this morning here with sustained winds around 25mph gusting to around 42mph, just walked the dog through the park where sizeable branches had broken off but that's about it.
  6. hhhmmmm...windy yes, life threatening? no. Yes debris about but you more or less expect that in summer, no branches or boughs down around me and we have some big maple trees and nothing down in the near by park. If I had to guess I'd say the wind is generally fresh to strong.
  7. Yes I can't remember too many chilly ones either of recent years even though the CET figures haven't been that great for England but there must be a big diversity from the south east to the north for those depressed CET values in general and probably more of an Atlantic influence affecting central and northern areas as opposed to here.
  8. Exactly!...can't remember ever experiencing temps that high (nearly 26c here) in such synoptics...times are a changin'
  9. I'd say to date summer 2019 has been slightly above average IMBY, temps above average and since the end of June consistently warmer than average with many dry days with partial sunshine and only the odd unsettled day. August until today has hardly had any traceable rain here in the SE corner and been warm/very warm. June was poor but I've known worse summer months, but of the last 5/6 years or so not any on that scale. 6.5/10 overall
  10. Yep - constructed it about 10 years ago and has British Standard sheathed bulbs (Max/Min) which are supposed to be the doggies do dahs, only problem is it wouldn't pass MetO standards for readings though it's facing north it's on the back of a shed and not the 20m from any trees...it will do. You can actually buy the louvered boxes now from MetCheck instruments plus the bulbs which are twice as expensive now as they contain gallium as opposed to mercury but won't do your wallet any good. Really good site.
  11. Burnham on the Essex Riviera (just north of Southend)...looks like we'll miss out on any showers which look like you're experiencing or shortly going to, breezy here but nothing untoward currently.
  12. So unusual though associated with low pressure and what 'warm' sector there was I think went to the east of us, well it is an IMBY quite literally as the reading is from my back garden (Stevenson Screen) but BBC forecast at lunch had Norwich at 26c so could be widespread across East Anglia/South east. Max of 25.7c today.
  13. Holy camoly!!...25.4c in a cyclonic south westerly, God help us!
  14. Seems like most times when we have Atlantic storms/deep depressions (even at the time of year) we miss most of the 'bad' conditions, certainly for wind/rain, recorded 3.8mm of rain this morning and going by the forecast that will be about it - but going by the ECM looks like there could be a wet Wednesday/Thursday in the offing. One thing we don't miss out here though is the humidity...feels really muggy out there.
  15. 25.1c here today, third time at least 25 degrees has been made this August, not bad considering the synoptics. So far coolest day has been 22.3c
  16. Wow!...and so much was made about the May-early July period last summer due to the continuous warmth and wall to wall sunshine yet the month ended up only 0.9c warmer than average...worrying in other aspects!
  17. Really!?!...August last year started hotter than this years? If so can't recall it being that warm, personally felt that temps and conditions were on the slide after Wimbledon last summer but then I looked at July 2018 CET and wow!
  18. Yes have to say doesn't look great for the next week/10 days...seems to be rather typical of Augusts but this looks to be on a bit of a different level and even here in the south east looks like we're not going to escape frequent belts of rain (which has not been the always the case in past Augusts). As you say this month has started well but nothing too dramatic or noteworthy just consistent warmth and hardly any traceable rain in these parts. I fancy a return to more settled conditions later in the month and into September and return to positive temp anomalies, just a hunch as a few other posters have alluded to.
  19. BBC I should say - forecast maxes of 22/23 this afternoon at lunchtime, but this coastline always does well temperature wise in the summer under SW or W direction winds, local Beeb stations predicting near 25 in the south east on Friday in the yuck to come.
  20. Reached 24c here today AGAIN warmer than forecast and the Beeb said at lunch tomorrow will be warmer...looks like being certainly a warm start to August in the south east and even on Friday under the rain and wind highs of 23c are predicted.
  21. Driest my garden has been all summer including that dry spell in July, grass has stopped growing...since the last week of June we've had many dry fairly sunny days and continuously warm (other than the hot snap) just with the odd rainy day. The odd breezy day as well but noticeably muggier in the last week or so. Even though the weather since the end of June has largely been Atlantic oriented it shows just how little effect fronts have on the more southern and eastern counties...
  22. Yet another warm one here too, max temp today here on the Essex coast 24.4c though breezy - again warmer than forecast at the weekend!
  23. Can't help feeling that could be reflective of last winters largely epic fail from the teleconnections/low solar minima and models pointing more favourably to colder conditions. Looks like the QBO still stuck in a positive phase is the ongoing issue (if you like cold) but we still have the good ol' CFS v2 on our side! Well that will go down about as well on here as Gemma Collins at a Royal gala
  24. Another warm day out there, apparently a cold front came though an hour or so ago (just some cloud and the odd drop of rain) now fairly sunny, current temp 23.4c...amazing how little precipitation we get out here on the coast on a westerly at this time of year.
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