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  1. Yep nice succinct post from TEITS (welcome back)...that about sums it up currently. I too tend to agree of the flattening of the pattern towards the second half of December.
  2. The low pressure which is crossing the north west of UK in a few days time is far deeper and further north than what the GFS and ECM were showing last week, how many runs did we see with that low pressure cutting through the country as a weaker feature only to deepen in situ as it moved into the North Sea (GFS markedly out)...makes you wonder if the GFS has got this wrong regarding the slider lows (too far south) and there after...
  3. Model Moans, Ramps and Banter

    Yep seems to be a trend - the 6z and 18z seems to be delivering the goods in FI...I'd take that.
  4. Model Moans, Ramps and Banter

    ECM continues to disappoint somewhat...not for the first time we see numerous small areas of low pressure here there and everywhere but no strong PV and no sign of heights building to the north east. No 'real' cold either other than the 1-2 wonder Am air mass starting from Friday.
  5. Agreed it was well before 2013...could have been late Nov 2010? By the way it always seems to be the GFS 06 and 18z runs that show the more 'outlandish' runs, if I can call them that.
  6. 06z gives and it takes it away and then it gives again in FI :)...gets progressive around 180z with lows coming from off the eastern seaboard of the States and the pattern looks to flatten but on a slightly more southerly jet. The key is that low pressure gets well into Europe/Southern Scandinavia and the Azores HP ridges far more than at the same time as opposed to the 0z (which doesn't look good in the same time frame). It is FI but something to keep an eye on...
  7. Hints at times on the CFSv2 monthly model of a Siberian / Scandinavian high pressure showing it's face towards mid-December, I should say over the last couple of days.
  8. Coldish start and milder from mid month so: 5.5c please.
  9. SE and East Anglia generalweather discussion 08/11/2017 onwards

    Underwhelming to say the least on Look East tonight, Thursday the coldest day with temps down to around 4/5c with a chance of showers becoming wintry later in the day and just the chance of a slight covering where these showers pop up. We said before this winter with increasing warmth in the seas (particularly the Norwegian Sea) that for decent cold in these parts we need to see an easterly or north easterly
  10. Mild v cold winter weather

    I think the last 2 Christmases here in the south east have seen maxes of at least 13c (though colder on Boxing Day last year). Crisp calm cold sunny weather does it for me...but the best is a sunny easterly which dries the ground completely out (well use to) before the arrival of wintry showers, can't remember when that last happened!
  11. Model Moans, Ramps and Banter

    Totally agree with the lack of easterlies of recent winters...also with the mean of snow lying, yes the many poor winters over a decade is offset by 1 or 2 snowy ones. Saying that though the last 4 winters have been as bad as anything I've experienced (I live in Essex) in my lifetime.
  12. Spot on!...first place I look when analysing at the models runs etc. can we get rid of those darn heights 1. over southern Europe/central Europe 2. Azores - majority of the time they don't go anywhere.
  13. Model Moans, Ramps and Banter

    Not sure snow is that rare in our winters even in the south, yes becoming rarer now days. In the 70's/80's/90's we generally experienced a majority of winters/early springs with at least a day or so of snow falling or settling - I think I saw a statistic in the early 2000's that the south east had a mean of 4/5 days with lying snow per winter. The last 4 winters have been really poor having experienced only 1 day - a slushy dusting lying where I live (gone in an hour)