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  1. Looks like 35 degrees of pure British celsius come early next week if the ECM is on the money... time to get the licensed legs out.
  2. BBC already have done a U-turn on the forecast of last night for later in the week, Darren Bett said not expecting the unsettled conditions to move in across the whole country and 'temperatures on the rise as we move into the weekend'. I wonder what model they were looking at?...as a fair few on here couldn't see where they were coming from.
  3. Froze were the Days

    SE and East Anglia general weather discussion 26/03/2018 onwards

    Probably over a month ago, 14th June here (when the World Cup started) and that was unexpected. 28.2c here at the moment, so good chance of the hottest day of the year where I live.
  4. Froze were the Days

    World Cup 2018

    France had a few good counter attacking moves in the 2nd half and they looked clinical when that happened but the rest of the match (the majority) they were second best to Croatia. Referee was poor and must of felt like Croatia were playing against France with an extra player. This morning in the Telegraph Kane says: 'I have proved I can score at an elite level' - let's not get big player big head syndrome Harry, yes if you can call Penalties, a fluky deflected shot and a tap in. His best goal was probably the last minute headed goal against Tunisia which says it all.
  5. Last measurable rain here on the Essex Riviera was 14th June (when the World Cup began) and that was an unexpected event. 1.5mm here since the beginning of June.
  6. Froze were the Days

    Summer 2018 - Moans, Ramps, Chat etc

    End of July and August 1976 wasn't as good as what went before...
  7. Sarah Keith-Lucas on BBC forecast for this week - 'cooler and more unsettled towards the end of this week' - huh!?! well I can't see that at all!
  8. Froze were the Days

    Model Moans, Ramps and Banter

    I think your forgetting the very warm May as well on top of the 6 weeks or so...but not until recently has it been uncomfortable to sleep. People forget not everybody loves wall to wall sun and heat, from a meteorological perspective I'm finding this weather quite boring now, same synoptics varying to a degree for weeks. Looking ahead not much change, in fact wouldn't surprise me if it gets hotter come late July and still dry.
  9. Froze were the Days

    World Cup 2018

    Good god how many Spurs played in that game?...answer too many. Agreed Belgium hardly out of 1st gear, Kane playing worse as each games passes and aided and abetted by his team mate at the end, the rather average Deli Ali. So we miss the podium and end up with the 'highly recommended' rosette...lucky to get that in my opinion.
  10. I can't see any real pattern change, less settled come next week for a few days and then back to square 1. The Atlantic is just not showing any true influence and expect the jet (what there is of one) to head back north in a weeks time approximately. So that's me spending 1/2 an hour still watering the flowers every evening.
  11. Froze were the Days

    World Cup 2018

    ah! yes your right...I was looking at his second attempt nearer the post. Completely open and I wonder how many people at the time thought that will cost us? and the Lingard tame effort.
  12. Froze were the Days

    World Cup 2018

    Agree with everything you said bar the Kane to Stirling open goal bit. If you watch a replay at the time Stirling wasn't in an open area but near the goal line with defenders in front of him, just as Kane shot (second time) Stirling moved out into the clear.
  13. Froze were the Days

    World Cup 2018

    Totally agree!...Sweden game we scored 2 goals and only 2 efforts on target. Hardly devastating football when you look at the stats.
  14. Froze were the Days

    World Cup 2018

    No your right Kane did look pretty ordinary tonight and against Sweden but saying that not much service to be fair, I also thought Ali wasn't that great either. I thought we'd make it to the knock out phase but go not much further but once the draw became very favourable there was our chance to progress further, Tunisia, Panama and Sweden (who made the finals through the play-offs) are no great scalps but I do think Southgate has done a reasonable job and perhaps optimism for the future.
  15. Froze were the Days

    World Cup 2018

    Yes or a Bryan Robson, Henderson has a good engine on him but that's about it...one area England seriously lacks.