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  1. Come on really...CFSV2, I followed this model very closely last autumn and it was showing some stonkers for December and January (at times) and closer to the hour we know what happened
  2. It won't happen certainly not at those speeds, the amount of times GFS has over done a low in the last few years or so only to climb down. Not saying we won't get a low deepening close to the UK but be very surprised if this model has a handle on things...let's see what the ECM 12z says. To answer my own question (just seen the ECM) and says nope!
  3. Looks ghastly in the south if early autumn warmth is not your thing on the ecm, high pressure just does not want to give up the ghost on the near continent.
  4. Froze were the Days

    In Memoriam

    Ipswich Town legend Kevin Beattie has passed away at the age of 64. Bobby Robson said he was the best English player he had ever seen.
  5. Can't remember too many times of recent years that these type storms which have developed from southerly latitudes have impacted that greatly on these isles in regards to high wind and heavy rainfall (well certainly towards the south)...always seems to suck up very warm air as being the most noteworthy point...all I can say is yuck!
  6. Good God!...don't look at the ECM 0z if your not a fan or early Autumn heat, development of a bloody tropical storm interacting with the jet stream causing that!
  7. Sadly your correct and it's been going on for years and by and large it always James bloody Madden...
  8. Froze were the Days

    What would you like to see in autumn 2018

    No excessive heat...
  9. Well it's been better then August in recent years and in my mind September is partly 'late summer' but after months of warm anomalies (August less so) a change wouldn't be a bad thing. Also in my mind with the affects of Global Warming there looks like plenty more years ahead with ever growing heat...some cool dry weather in the next month or so will do me a treat. Very warm SST's and a warm continent I can't see anything cold or even cool on the agenda in the foreseeable sadly.
  10. So what ever happened to the cool westerly Pm air stream that was forecast for more than a few ECM runs in approximately 5/6 days time and lasting to the end of the run?...disappeared that's what, and all we have now is the dratted heights to the south (which never seem far away) continuing the warmth in at least the south...when will this hell end and some proper cool air get mixed into the continent?
  11. MetO keep churning out that England has experienced it's hottest summer, CET records has shown it's only been the 5th warmest!! Really surprised nobody on this site has mentioned this, Meto pushing it's own agenda as the weather has been so much in the news this summer?
  12. Sorry for being thick here but MetO are saying 'hottest' since records began (1910) for England, surely the Central England Temperature is at odds with this?...as mentioned 5th warmest summer on record from June to August. What's the difference between 'stats and CET England temperature records'? 'England's average temperatures narrowly beat those seen in 1976' - really!?!, after this August I find that hard to believe. 17.2 c average for England over the summer, but there have been hotter and that's what's mystifying me.
  13. Thanks for that...why are the MetO saying that it is on par with 1976?
  14. Well not according to the MetO...on a par with 1976 which I find a bit bewildering. When your referring to '5th warmest summer on record' is that by Central England Temperature? as MetO details hottest ever summer on record in England with same figure as 76'
  15. Froze were the Days

    Summer 2018 - Moans, Ramps, Chat etc

    How can it be the joint hottest on record equalling 1976?...on the August CET thread Hadley had 16.6c for August which made 2018 5th hottest so what's gone on? Maybe Roger J Smith/Bornfromthevoid can answer this, personally didn't feel it was hot as 1976, June certainly wasn't. MetO doctoring figures? and by the way I'm not a GW sceptic.