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  1. Looks like we're well and truly back into the usual pattern...heating up continent and low pressure kept back to the west or north west, if you live to the south or south east it's either warm, very warm or occasionally hot in the foreseeable.
  2. Pouring down here...this is going to get the grass and weeds growing at an alarming rate come the weekend when the sun is out again.
  3. Another sizzler of a day, trying to rain and 11c...please be better June, it won't be difficult. Sad thing is the amount of dead bumble bee's I've seen on the ground. 😞
  4. At the giddy heights of 13c here...little in the way of sun to heat the conservatory up! surely it's got to get better than this?
  5. Have to slap myself into believing this is May not October...not often at this time of the year we get windy weather like this but saying that we had a short spell at the beginning of the month a bit like this, roll on calm sunny warm days with the odd bit of convection would be good!
  6. Hammering down here currently with hail the odd flash of lightning and rumble of thunder...it's either dry as a pharaohs sock or too wet for ducks nothing in between.
  7. I think 2018 was pretty good wasn't it? most of that Spring and early Summer was dry, warm and sunny if I remember rightly as I semi-retired from work to look after my late father that year.
  8. May's of recent years have been pretty good...generally dry, fairly warm and sunny though I do remember quite a thundery one a few years back, this one has shaken us out of our boots.
  9. Seriously how is the anomaly going down on the 61-90 series and to that 81-10?...I know I'm only talking about my backyard but temps here should max out around 17-18c presently and we haven't been near this (maybe 17c the other day) and night days are still rather supressed so why the continued rise? This strikes me a bit like late April when we experienced the same thing only for the CET then to be corrected downwards, the next few days we should definitely see this go back down if temp predictions are to be correct.
  10. Wow! this weather is woeful...looks like we could be in for another -1c (at least) anomaly month going by the 1961-90 series, I wonder what's causing this? a throwback to the 80's and beyond.
  11. At last haven't missed out on rain and some chunky showers passing through...some wind last night as well! gust of 51mph here reported.
  12. Amazing how the anomaly has stayed the same for the 61-90 series over the last few days...it's certainly been colder than average here by day and night. I think we'll see a downward correction for the final figure at the end of the month making it one of the coldest anomaly months over the last few years.
  13. Looks like we've well and truly entered the dry season again...just colder than last year (and others).
  14. I think I put the kiss of death on Mr Thomas... From sublime ball control at the TPC to continually this yesterday!
  15. Hi Tom, madness that Fowler isn't in it though he's going through a rough patch. I'll plump for Mickleson at 90/1 in Group D and my NAP will be Justin Thomas after his incredible TPC display. Cheers!
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