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  1. Yet another gloomy day (4 in a row now) making a total of 19 gloomy bland days this winter (not including ones with rainfall)...mommy please make this winter stop.
  2. What happens if it snows say just a passing shower and a dusting on the coast (I should be lucky) does that qualify? I take it anywhere in the 'South East' which I take as London, Surrey, Middlesex, Essex, Kent, Hertfordshire as well as Bedfordshire?
  3. 2013/14 just as bad if not worse...but probably more interesting due to flooding and various wind events, this winter so far counted 18 days which have been dull, cloudy and fairly calm (non-event days) and this isn't even the rainy days so shows how terrible it's been.
  4. Really!?!...the 'unseasonably cold' you refer to was only a week/5 days around 10th June if memory serves me right, the majority of the month was near normal with a warm final week and the rest of summer above average, let's not over exaggerate and the HLB in July and August (was due to excessive heights in the Greenland area, didn't effect this country).
  5. No settling snow throughout February...at best the odd wet flake/sleet passing in the wind.
  6. More of a chance of that happening being a winter month and track record of winter months of recent years...
  7. Don't worry we won't - BFTP (Fred) is forecasting a cold start to spring and with his track record...
  8. Coldest morning of the winter here with a minima of +0.1c but the wait goes on for the air frost, nice and frosty lawn though.
  9. Augusts haven't been poor or poorer in general across the United Kingdom due to northern blocking though...anyway last summer's -NAO other than June largely didn't effect this country, the -NAO index was largely due to Greenland's consistent high pressure, between 60 and 50 degree latitude in the North Atlantic experienced more low pressure systems either to the west or north than recent summers.
  10. 2013/14 was worse...that was a no hoper completely thanks to a raging polar vortex particularly in Jan/feb, flooding, many grey days with the odd frost.
  11. Hardly had a frost this morning I swear here out near the Essex coast we have our own micro-climate when it comes to such things!...down to 2c last night which is very run of the mill stuff and the wait for the first air frost goes on...and will probably have to wait until we actually get a cold air mass over the country which seems mission impossible.
  12. Not really a complete fallacy (which I think you meant)...check out of recent times Jan 2011 (1042mb) to the north west of the UK, Feb 2012 (1042mb) centred near Scandinavia and Dec 2016 (1041mb) centred just to the east of the UK though not on quite the same intensity can be achieved in more favourable locations.
  13. Shame the high pressure which is close to record breaking (my Barograph is at 1046mb) isn't centred near Scandinavia or further north of us then that would be something to talk about but in it's current position it really is nothing remarkable synoptically other than keeping us dry and sunny and going by the latest ECM not lasting that long! This winter has been woeful to date...
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