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  1. I know you shouldn't take the BBC weather graphics as gospel but tomorrow and Thursday showed little in the way of convective activity to the east of London and towards East Anglia...I'll be amazed but not surprised if out towards my location we experience little in the way of lightning and thunder but as we know with such conditions difficult to pinpoint.
  2. End of summer?...don't 'bank' on it, end of summer by calendar month that's all. As another poster mentioned September is largely a summer month now days in the south. On another note amazing how the warmth and humidity just seems to be extended, very strange synoptics we're now witnessing.
  3. and?...not here, that's where the severe T-storms will stay. Probability for us says steady/heavy rain with the odd rumble of thunder.
  4. What utterly silly hot temperatures across Europe currently, parts of northern central Spain are cooler than here,,,and only altitude in the Alps can you escape any real heat. Sad times.
  5. Went for an early walk this morning, surprised to be greeted by this down by the waterfront....I thought it was a tad piping. Mommy make it stop.
  6. If you weren't following the GFS (which I rarely do) it was always going to be at least 3 days of heat (predicted from last weekend) and even the ECM to a degree has extended it to near Thursday over the last day or so. Key here: don't follow the GFS...
  7. Not as hot here on the Essex coast as yesterday...max of 28.3c and partially cloudy through the day.
  8. Well not as hot here on the muddy Riviera as in Sussex but already above the 'hoped' for 23/24c that I thought due to a sea breeze. 26.4c currently and little wind.
  9. 31.3c max on the Riviera today so our hottest day of the summer and still just above 28c at the moment!!...hopefully that chart above will give the coasts a rest bite tomorrow (roughly 23/24c here with an onshore breeze).
  10. 29.1c here on the Riviera....0.8c to beat my hottest of the summer which should be easily achievable unless we get one of those nagging afternoon on-shore breezes arrive.
  11. Even the Beeb webpage had my location at 31c a few days back for today and I'm on the coast and as you say predicted temps do go up within a day or so closer..so on that basis always looks like an event to push the boundaries, time will tell.
  12. Nope! referring to the max temperatures...which is largely towards the south east, this always look like being hot, but how hot we will see.
  13. Hmmm....one or two people last weekend saying this wouldn't be as hot as last Friday and predicting 31-32c for today/coming weekend. Me thinks they are off the mark!
  14. Yet another day here temperature wise that has exceeded what the BBC website (rubbish I know) showed a couple of days ago for today (23c and then yesterday showed 25c for today)...and we get 26.8c max today!!. Lost count how many times this has happened over the last week or so in my location.
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