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  1. I know. Must be heaviest snow I've personally seen around here
  2. Wouldn't be suprised lol
  3. From GP on other thread: "EC 06z rolling out, more elongated with Thursday's low and ppn further south. Midlands on pivot point" Could be good for us if this trend continues
  4. What's the point though if nothing is settling?
  5. Have you noticed how we are constantly betwen gaps of heavier snow or snow dies about before reaching here
  6. as usual NW London in the gap of anything noteworthy
  7. How long are we expecting this streamer to maintain?
  8. I thought the winds were SE,ly today? How come showers are showing as going directly Westwards?
  9. as usual. Watch the heavy precipitation just miss here
  10. I hope you are right. Been frustrating so far
  11. been rubbish here Swave during this cold snap. Was hoping for at least something on Thursday/Friday but even that seems to be getting downgraded
  12. I have now learned for the future that a NE wind means no snow for this part. Will remember this before I get exited in the future
  13. are the wiinds going to swing east tonight?
  14. Something about this location. Even when heavy showers approach they split up to the north and south and then join after they pass by. I noticed this over the years. I can't figure out why though. Cursed area