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    I built my own self recording rain gauge out of an alarm clock biscuit tin and ping pong ball aged 11 yrs! It worked! I have been a member of the Royal Meteorological Society since 1974 (aged 13) and elected a fellow in 1985 for my work in health and the weather. I am a GP but worked full time in the Met Office between 1999 and 2005 to set up the health forecasting unit which now delivers Heat health, COPD and cold weather forecasts. I used to sit in main operations room in Bracknell then Exeter delivering health forecasts to the NHS.
    I have a good knowledge of meteorology but not too technical and get lost in some of the thermodynamics! I do know a lot about how it affects health though.
    I am still a half time GP and run a company called Intelligent Health that gets people more active outdoors. I am advising Shanghai about the their health forecasting service since the Met Office is not allowed to!
    I am still as passionate about the weather as I was when I got the first chart from my rain gauge!
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    Sub 961 depression anywhere nearby

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  1. wow that's a central pressure of 912mb if this ever happens but at 210hrs its well into FI
  2. If ECM is on the right track for Sunday then the storm surge team at Met Office will be waking up as that low crosses east coast bang on a spring tide
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