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  1. I’m hoping air is colder then what we have had lately over uk Especially south of uk.
  2. Hi all as the ssw had any effect on weather yet over Western Europe or is the effect happening now with block over western greenland with this on going wintery hazards around uk . Or is it still wanting game for ssw effect Western Europe..
  3. Is there any chance of high pressure setting up over Scandinavia put us in a proper freezer I say this because have seen 0 snow this winter
  4. These northerlys just not good For us in the south east I was expecting to wake up with at least some snow falling . no rain again we Need easterly flow with proper cold ..
  5. I’m in Orpington do you think we could get a covering my 3 year old has not seen no snow yet thanks
  6. I wouldn’t be to down beat I wouldn’t take anything past day 4 at the moment so much going on be very different on next runs maybe Scandinavia high next on model runs .. who knows.
  7. South eastern England could see some snow tomorrow or maybe not..
  8. What’s the fuss about looking identical to yesterday’s met office long range forecast yesterday for next week..
  9. From Monday onwards unsettled conditions look likely to continue, with winds from the north bringing colder conditions from a cold airmass currently resident over Scandinavia west across the north and potentially much of the country at times throughout the week. A north-easterly flow may bring frequent showers, particularly to the northern windward coasts, possibly falling as snow over high ground and sometimes down to low levels. The jet stream will become shifted southwards bringing rain to southern areas throughout the week, with a possibility of some organised snowfall forming on the leadi
  10. I’m suspecting upgrades with models later met office updated there website no changes really chances of cold anywhere in uk there expecting north easterly next week colder weather from Scandinavia.
  11. Updated to on website still going with colder weather from Scandinavia all parts of uk could see colder spells also chances of snow in south depending on boundary
  12. I think all models are wrong maybe upgrade coming later or tomorrow met office seem confident yesterday in there outlook colder weather coming from Scandinavia
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