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  1. Yes there some very cold runs you never no we could see bitter easterly with thunder snow blizzards and that would be proper winter weather...
  2. Do have trend here with high pressure building to north east ..
  3. I think we'll see this grow over coming days in the output pressure building from south towards scandi colder dryer weather for south of Britain also cold pool to east looking interesting to maybe folks in south could be in for some proper winter weather in to Feb still a long way ahead also meto have been given hints at colder weather for the south of Britain..
  4. Looks ok to me dry frosty in south milder north west you go and still long way out so maybe as we approach time frame high could be further north or east..
  5. Long way out but continue to see higher pressure to east/north east colder weather for south of Britain maybe weather will balance it self out give us in the south east some colder weather and with it coming from easterly Direction with proper cold to east maybe we can hit the jackpot we'll see.
  6. 12z coming out I'm looking cold trend later Jan and in to February also hints from meto today colder weather in the south..
  7. Looking further ahead gfs been consistent building pressure to the east north east there could be chance colder spell from east later January early February folks can shoot me down its my take on the output...
  8. I've been sitting back watching output and it as been very nice to see eye candy for the most never comes off I have learnt not to get excited because like what happened a week or two ago with the easterly it all ways gets watered down to normal winter weather like we are going to see next week wintery showers some snow at times in north west and some very windy weather to if you want something very cold and wintery and what lasts longer then a week I think this needs to come from the north east..
  9. Great post Steve continental flow feeling quite cold there.
  10. I no lot folk are banging on about the cold from the north west but the cold pool to east looks very impressive.
  11. BBC weather outlook not very confident when will westerly will break down high to the east high looks like putting up more a fight than previously thought I think models are being progressive..
  12. Maybe a short wave will scupper it next time...
  13. Well now the door is shut to east where do go from here.