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  1. Everyone don’t lose hope who’s up for making a spring snowman..
  2. Bingo door as finely opened up cold easterly snow showers ..
  3. Something is brewing trend continues higher pressure pulling north and west with very cold northerlies wanting to pounce..
  4. Very nice to see Eastern Europe going in to freezer after such a mild start to winter and also the UK joining in with the cold is this Building blocks For winter proper now...
  5. I agree I think we need be patient here cold snap or spell is still over a week away don’t think models haven’t even got right idea yet how cold weather unfolds bbc long range seemed very confident of cold and wintery conditions next week ..
  6. With this sudden swing to a much colder wintery outlook I’m wondering what Catacol views are ..
  7. A big ecm coming up and all other models will follow in morning .
  8. I think we are starting to see now models latching on to colder end to November can we get that high north west ..
  9. Very interesting model watching at moment Consistent high pressure to north low to south the complete opposite to what we see west to East very interesting as winter is around the corner. And Steve murr keep up your fantastic posts enjoy reading them .
  10. This is consistent low pressure diving south of UK it would be lovely keep this pattern going in to winter proper..
  11. I don’t think there was any snow forecast next week way to early. cool and wet next week maybe some wintery showers for on hills of Scotland
  12. That low could trend south as we get to day 5 and stay dry and cool / cold..
  13. So now that means below average then the complete opposite .
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