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  1. Hello everyone i back I thought I would come out of my hibernation in November but not mid April so looks like turning much colder with frost ice and sleety snow hail showers...
  2. Winter is on it's way the daffodils or not going to like this if it comes off snow could be in the forecast..
  3. Spring is put on hold by looking at this cold is the theme here. The meto update last night indicating cold could last for a long time.
  4. I have came back from my hibernation early. Spring is not on way winter is going to be fighting back with snow to come maybe we will see a white Easter I have seen a dumping of snow in April and I'm in south east London..
  5. I'm making most of my light snow this morning I don't think I'm going see anymore this winter.
  6. Sorry I disagree a lot of folk could be seeing snow Saturday manly in the east as the day goes on showers will be turning more sleety.
  7. Im confused the meto where steadfest with there long range forecast Surly must have seen this coming a sudden swing to a cold snap.
  8. Staying cold next week cold south easterly says with us though out next week south easterly could be raw because of strength of wind not looking mild to me and as time goes on could get even colder again maybe from the north east.
  9. Snow showers in to south east England and a keen easterly wind .
  10. That's what meto update says is very cold with some snow showers or have Iooked at old update and Ian f tweets . very confuseing.
  11. I like sound of that Steve murr said earlier give models time and we get upgrade meto update too interesting times ahead.