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  1. Looking very interesting Thursday a chance of snow as a front moves in from west and colder air moves in From east what happens after that still up in air could we see the front stall and move back west ..
  2. I wouldn’t all models are struggling with day 6 more changes to come.
  3. Well looking at ukmo high pressure to north east looks like putting up a fight with low pressure going south east in to Europe John Hammond also saying block could be stronger next week I’m going say gfs ecm will fall in line later with scandi high flexing its muscles..
  4. I’m not buying non of these charts this morning I think there being way to progressive next weeks weather is not set in stone just yet and longer term. Lots of changes to come ..
  5. A good start this evening where is Steve murr with the updates..
  6. Yes just seen bbc weather outlook going for Easterly winds it’s getting very interesting .
  7. So going for wet mild conditions though December now wasn’t it a week or to go they where shouting cold I don’t think anyone knows when next cold spell will come it will catch us all out including the pros...
  8. What’s betting the ecm goes cold and rest will follow or am clutching at the straws big time .
  9. What’s all doom Meto stuck to their guns or will someone have egg all over there faces.
  10. Battle between mild south westerly and cold coming from north east..
  11. Thank you Steve for winter forecast ...
  12. That’s 13 days away and will chop and change the trend is looking good for colder weather..