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  1. Sleety rain Orpington Kent
  2. Yellow warning for snow didn’t see this coming..
  3. Heavy snow Orpington Kent
  4. It’s bright with snow falling Orpington
  5. This is picture outside my house Orpington ..
  6. Is South East England still going to get this snow I’m watching Stoke game it’s like blizzard conditions up there..
  7. Snowy in Orpington seems to be getting heavier.
  8. What difference a day makes yesterday I was in garden very mild. today we are in the freezer..
  9. I’m in the Amber zone Orpington heavy snow.
  10. Thank you so London and South East England in firing line..
  11. I remember last cold spell last minute change gave me around 5-10 cm south east London so I’m just going to keep eye on the radar and Steve murr updates..
  12. Really we here this all the time when colder spell/snap is on way south east will get nothing..
  13. Easterly flow over weekend snow showers for most England and Wales looking sweet spot... and also ecm and ukmo go for that to Scotland manly dry..
  14. ECM looking good for snow South East England north west and south west England dry brighter meto mentioned earlier seems there on the money..