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  1. So now that means below average then the complete opposite .
  2. The 1st of September leaves starting to change cooler to it won’t be long in till we are talking about wintery weather Scandi blocks and Greenland blocking see you all soon.. and the all important m4 .
  3. I’m surprised to see these storms heading for London and south East bbc weather said earlier south East England will miss out..
  4. I was in South London last night the storms where very disappointing just heavy rain all night no thunder and lightning .
  5. I don’t normally post in summer but wow next week is looking hot and humid and some cracking storms ..
  6. If you like easterly winds for next ten days and possible longer you are in for a treat possible frost at night too and cloudy days.
  7. I thought I wouldn’t be posting again till November but next week looking interesting there could be a chance snow showers eastern side of uk just a chance.
  8. I can’t see them downgrading winter is on the way.
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