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  1. I can’t see them downgrading winter is on the way.❄️
  2. Winter is not over yet..
  3. Snow again for south east .😀
  4. Game over I don’t think so .
  5. I was not expecting this tonight heavy snow Orpington Kent
  6. Snowing now in Orpington Kent
  7. Just seen updated bbc weather south London looking really good heavy snow and he said more snow for Friday
  8. Well they have not completed dropped the idea have they I’m backing them with even colder weather in to February.🤣
  9. Is this for the snow Thursday
  10. Did someone mention on here earlier about the chance that block setting up to the east of uk longer range forecast have just mentioned it. getting very interesting..
  11. Heavy snow Orpington Kent all white outside now
  12. Yep looking very good southern England snow Thursday it might not even get no more then the midlands we’ll see..
  13. Looking good Thursday snow thats very heavy South East England and some parts of the midlands