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  1. I wouldn't take every single change as its going to happen like some do! It changes four times a day. It just leads to a emotional roller-coaster that's pointless. Best to look once a day at same time and see what's happening that it avoids some of the dissapoinment! Personal I'm less concerned about snow which I do enjoy don't get me wrong but about the lack of rain. The summer was very dry and here in eat Yorkshire the rain fall totals have been so low! I can see by mid summer bug shortages on water. We need lots of rain for the next few months really!
  2. Nothing in Hull! And to be honest ain't expecting anything from any of this. We didn't get anything last year from a lot worse conditions so I ain't holding my breath this time around.
  3. Just drove from Scarborough to Hull and it was snowing a little bit just on the outskirts of Scarborough!
  4. It's very annoying to see areas to the west of us do better then us when it's coming from the east! My fear is we get a cm or 2 from this and that will be it. Been like 8 years since had any proper snow!
  5. Yeah we will see what happens hopefully will get lots from the showers!
  6. Just noticed the warning for tomorrow as altered. Now due to miss hull! Sounds about right lol
  7. Well although the radar is showing constant snow here in Hull. Apart from a medium shower at 9am nothing is falling out the sky at all. West Yorkshire is getting heavy showers so how come cause the further east the better according to what everyone's said! Anyways loads of time for it change just confuses me how it's missing us in Hull.
  8. We are a city. But yeah hull is Deffo in the firing line for a lot of snow. I want it to be very snowy but part of me does not as I drive coaches for a living and it will be a nightmare. But I also want to build that snow man with my son. So yeah split feelings but so excited!
  9. This spell looks amazing! just looked at the forecast on here and for hull is says showers from sunday all the way through till next thursday i think it was. All i want is enough to build a snow man with my son whos nine as never seen proper snow. last time we had anything worth mentioning was 2010 and he was to young to remember that.
  10. Am gutted to say the least! we are in Bridlington for long weekend so away from home. But where I live in hull theres been a tornado in the next street like 2 minute walk away can't belive I missed it
  11. Very heavy and torrential rain here in Bridlington. Hoping for a thunderstorm as will have a perfect view where we are sat in the very leaky pavilion bar.
  12. I live in Hull and I hate to tell you but your more likely to get snow where you are. We hardly ever get snow here because we are at sea level and postioned very badly for snow . Last year when most of the country had feet of snow the most we got was a few inches at best. What the models are showing at the moment certainly would not bring any snow to hull as it looks marginal and we need no marginality at all for us to see any laying snow.
  13. The local paper as just posted this about salt levels that there have stored and the fact that there will run out if we have anything other then a mild winter . http://www.thisishullandeastriding.co.uk/East-Riding-gritters-prepared-mild-winter-report/story-17236518-detail/story.html?ito=email_newsletter_thisishullandeastriding
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