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  1. Oh well looks like the Derby will be fine to go ahead as not looking like going to get anything decent in walton/Stanley Park area those that do get it enjoy
  2. Just had a few tiny specks of snow fall outside work thought I was seeing things at first lol (rubs eyes in disbelief)
  3. What cold snap pffft bit of sleet for 5 min other than that rain and hail don't see much happening tonight either in my location but if it's wind and rain can guarantee it will be nailed on
  4. OK just the way it was typed didn't sound like occluded front
  5. What do you mean by occlusion as not heard of that one before mate
  6. Whoop first snow shower just happened rubbs eyes in disbelief
  7. Looking at radar images looks like the colder air is slowly pushing in across the Irish Sea
  8. Can't see my location getting any snow ❄ tomorrow as the temperature will be on the high side of the margin
  9. This is the current met long range forecast 6-30 days UK Outlook for Tuesday 3 Jan 2017 to Thursday 12 Jan 2017: It'll be cold and bright across England and Wales on Tuesday, although cloudier and milder conditions across Scotland will gradually move southwards across the whole of the UK, with some rain, mainly over the hills. Largely cloudy, milder and windier for most on Wednesday, with some brighter spells in the east. Thursday and Friday will be dominated by a west to north-westerly flow, with wet and windy conditions moving from west to east, with gales in places. Into the weekend and next week we'll gradually see high pressure building to the west, which will allow colder conditions to develop for many, with some wintry showers in places, particularly around coastal areas. Chilly by night, with widespread frost and fog, which may persist during the day. Updated at: 1249 on Thu 29 Dec 2016 UK Outlook for Friday 13 Jan 2017 to Friday 27 Jan 2017: Signals suggest that the most likely scenario for this period is high pressure being dominant across most of the UK. Leading to increasing dry and quiet spells, and a greater likelihood of cold weather with frost and fog by night. However, there may be a few spells of unsettled weather, most likely in north-western parts. In general, temperatures are likely to be cold for the time of year in those settled periods. However, it may turn milder at times in association with any periods of more unsettled weather in the northwest. Updated at: 1249 on Thu 29 Dec 2016
  10. Hopefully showers forecast for tonight will fall as snow and not rain
  11. Temp defiantly dropped as last shower still not melted away and surfaces where wet before it
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