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    Scrabster Caithness (the far north of Scotland)
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  1. happy birthday


  2. tugmistress

    2008 - Paula's Pics

    Some of my photography that is for sale in other places
  3. We had a few northern lights here the other night, from here it was green and white and i was also told there were some the night before too. think it was thursday i saw them
  4. You are all brilliant, thank you and merry christmas to you
  5. woohoo, thanks paul, didn't realise about the update, i got it bookmarked because i can never find it
  6. control and f5 made no difference, the whole url is http://www.net-weather.co.uk/index.cgi?action=uk7day2 Had this bookmarked for ages but just stopped working all of a sudden
  7. When i go to the page where i stick in my postcode for a forecast it is still saying last updated 17th december.... has it broke?
  8. he also adds live weather stations of members onto a map he made he's a clever chappy
  9. Hi Red Raven it gets even more addictive when the weather looks interesting around you i sit glued to mine on days like this ( like today waiting for the winds to really give me something to smile about )
  10. I'm still looking very lonely up here will have to see if i can find someone near with a weatherstation on line and get them to join net-weather
  11. Looking good and getting a few sites on it now great fun to see where everyone is on an overall map of the UK Thanks
  12. Hi OON would you add me please? If you don't know already, Scrabster is on the far north coast of Scotland, just to the left of Thurso on Holborn Head. Ta Muchly
  13. looks remarkably like one of mine :blink:
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