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  1. Snaw on as @edo has said and we have a covering everywhere. But noticing that its not accumulating more now despite still snowing - which im guessing is as the dew points have upped slightly with the time of day? So think we won't be seeing much today really. However it is lovely to have seen some snaw falling prettily as its been a lean Winter on that front!
  2. Snaw here too and sticking. Sharing the joy with @More Snow as this is our first snow in new house. Looking at radar I think that's it and its not much, but still so lovely to see! ?
  3. Raining here on and off - but cold and slippy. I'm staying in the rest of the day. Just watched the Snowman with the kidos.... ⛄
  4. Evening all! I've been busy moving house and dealing with work and the umpteen school related christmas shenanigans to follow the weather the past week or two, so this has caught me unawares until now. ? @Kirkcaldy Weather - looking at the above am I right to assume this will be a later afternoon thing tomorrow? ie if I wanted to get some shopping done I'd be better off first thing?
  5. That would be The Saints (St Johnstone - play from Perth). I'm not a footie follower so I wouldn't presume to comment on them as a team though the other half goes to the odd home game.
  6. Ok it's Autumn and I'm officially reporting in for duty. ?‍♀️ Hope all on the kilted thread have had a bonny spring/summer!
  7. Snow on and off here too this morning. Just above freezing temp wise so I'm assuming as per comments above the thawing will start now too.
  8. Well had our road blocked by a car that got stuck- took umpteen folk pushing it back to get it out. No driving happening here today for me, don't think I could get the cars out. Compacted snow with more snow on top does not a safe journey maketh! These are roads currently closed in Perthshire for anyone who is out today...
  9. Yep hit me.....well hit outside the house. OH had desnowed the cars an hour ago and all covered again edit - just back on @edo and then off again
  10. I think Blairgowrie is getting pummelled with the showers hitting north of us.
  11. Nothing going on here now. Glorious sunshine so been for a wee walk. Can't see much more coming here now? Just the odd very light flurry over the next couple of days? Radar isn't working on my phone for some reason.
  12. Just announced that schools in Perth and Kinross shut tomorrow too. Actually not been much in the way of snow here since just before lunch.
  13. Not a 2010 here buttt I'm still happy with a day off work and school. Plenty of snaw to sledge in, build snowfolk and for the dog to bounce in. I'm not driving anywhere today.
  14. Just been out after seeing your post @TinyTim and it's 5cm here (higher in drifty bits) so who knows we could even reach the glamorous heights of the 6cm @Allyw12 . Not a patch on 2010 but still to be fair i've... *cough*.... the KIDS...... had fun sledging tonight and it's bonny looking outside.
  15. All schools in Perth and Kinross are to be closed tomorrow ....... and we've had heehaw here today.
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