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  1. First of hopefully many this year. My take on this evening's potential.
  2. Next week it looks like there is a possibility of low pressure developing over northern Iberia, or the Bay of Biscay hence the energy being pushed northwards presenting the risk of some storms. However, it looks as though the energy will follow more of a east-west transition rather than being pushed from south to north. With a bit of luck, that will change over the next few days meaning that the northern half of the country can join in on the potential fun.
  3. There's going to be some high rainfall totals to the east of London by the end of this evening! Hoping for some better convective prospects to appear in the models soon. The weather is great here at the moment, but the one thing that would top it would be to have some more continental energy injected into the mix!
  4. Tentative signs of something a little more engaging towards the end of next week across a couple of the models. These being some of the better graphics taken from the 18Z GFS for next Friday. Caution as always..! 07/04/18 GFS Flickr 07/04/18 GFS Flickr 07/04/18 GFS Flickr 07/04/18 GFS Flickr 07/04/18 GFS Flickr 07/04/18 GFS Flickr
  5. Looking at the detectors, there was a decent storm in northwest Ireland recently. The UK map shows 111 sferics in the last hour. Not bad for mid-February! A couple of strikes north of here recently, too. Maybe something to follow overnight as the showers continue to push through.
  6. Two big flashes of silvery lightning and deep thunder in that last shower of penny-sized hail. Nice!
  7. BBC forecasts are extremely reluctant to show high resolution graphics for between 1500 Tuesday and 0800 on Wednesday. No forecast all day has shown the rainfall forecast for this period. I think this demonstrates the complexity of the forecasting of the next 36 hours...
  8. Do I go to the east or west coast of the island for photos? Nice stuff moving out of Ireland, to the west, but big towers going up towards the east!?
  9. Great fun watching it develop, especially all around! Looking east: Looking south: Looking west:
  10. If I could have this weather every day through summer, happy would be an understatement. Potential-filled skies like this. Just need something to go off!
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