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  1. Don’t be fooled by lightning detectors. Currently sat watching the cells to the east of here and lightning is at least every two seconds.
  2. Stormy looking skies to the south of here. One flash of lightning earlier.
  3. A line from Anglesey to Milton Keynes certainly the area to watch now.
  4. Can hear thunder from here now coming from the cells in the Irish Sea. Very deep sounding thunder. Quite scary!
  5. Stood in the bedroom window watching distant lightning from it. Can just about hear thunder now.
  6. Just home now from chasing that incredible storm (didn’t have to go far!) Lightning every 1-2 seconds at its strongest point. Will share a photo tomorrow that I took looking across the bay.
  7. I’ve seen some good cloudscapes before but this is by far the best. Ready to go boom.
  8. Out in the open now to see what’s going on. Looking full of potential at the moment. Some signs of rotation within the updrafts too.
  9. First bits of mid-level cloud showing up recently around West Dorset area now. One to watch for sure.
  10. Somewhere is going to get a storm tonight. If not these parts, north of here should get something. Things destabilising quickly now. These photos taken over the last 15 minutes:
  11. More AcCas popping up here now with some towers in the distance. Not sure if they’re visible in the middle photo.
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