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  1. Blimey Leyland it' your birthday! Taken earlier ...damn file too large! It was a whiteout blizzard! Here' a photo . Jesus I can' even share an image from my phone! Facebook took it ok though
  2. Been snowing since yesterday for hours and hours, got accumulations but not as thick as I would expected to be honest. Now we've got howling, gusting winds, still snowing but partly cloudy
  3. Been snowing quite heavy for hours now! Just piddly Little's bits all day and bitter winds got a good covering anyway, bloody would do, I had to go out in freezing cold today emergency appointment, got an infected finger! Red raw, burning and so painful , will teach me to bite my nails!! Lol the doc said I need to get my ring off just incase my finger gets any worse, I said I need tomcool my hand down, he said ' you could always put your hand in the snow' he said I've wanted to say that for a long time, I said 'what put your hand in the snow' he said no I'm just labelling the point we have snow!! I said no way not sticking my finger in yellow snow Anyway antibiotic cream first and then oral antibiotics if that doesn't work, I'm in bloody Agony. Still on a happier note I'm watching the snow on the cctv!
  4. So typical I didn't see a snowflake as it came down in the night and early morning but we've had about 2 inches see earlier post, suns out now, drip drip drip and not a cloud in the sky!
  5. The whole country is on alert for freezing temps and heavy snow, why are we always in the laminate floor gap??!! lol I've seen forecasts for mom, tues, weds, Thursday, on the telly bbc news, online , on here etc... it all moves west, but we are there bang right in the middle with a gap!
  6. Just testing ! https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/SpiritfreedomsHaven?ref=seller-platform-mcnav how do I delete?
  7. Already a freezing windchill here...just saying hello again
  8. Been snowing here in Leyland for about 3 or 4 hours, fine and wet snow and there's a lot more since these pics, not settling on roads though...
  9. Typical been snowng heavy almost blizzard like at times for the past hour but guzzling out on impact! Got a video but file too large! Bugga
  10. Wind keeps whipping up here in Leyland but then calms down, is it supposed to get any worse through the night?
  11. Well it goes like this lol.... we were having a new kitchen fitted end of novemeber not by choice lol, so I had to go to my parents up the road to stay with my son , so we came up about 4 days before his birthday 26th Nov and I felt really chesty then everyone came down with this awful cold the coughing was horrendous but I had a nasty chest infection before the cold kicked in and I was basically sleeping sat up as I couldn't get my breath, so took myself to doctors and on antibiotics, then I had my mum who's 70 sleeping next to my 10 year old son who's disabled he also got the chesty cough and cold, luckily he didn't get chest infection..but we all had very high temperatures for days, so of course I was panicking because my son has epilepsy and a high temp could blue light him to hospital, luckily it didn't and he was fine, managed to get doctor out to check him over had to wait 5 hours so we were all up in the night and mum had to sleep next to him and my sister with a bad back had to lift my son all the time as I was way too ill as I was shivering and fever and so ill. Then everyone got the cold, had to get doctor out again to my son but turned out to be constipation poor lad. So we finally celebrated my son's birthday on the 12th December! Then we hAd to do a quick Christmas tree and Decoration change lol, wrap all the presents up which took days! We were only meant to be at my parents for the week but my son's dad came down with it in the middle of workmen banging about and turning the electric off and having doors open and the weather was cold at the time. Anyway thought might aswell stay til new year lol, go home tomorrow! Sorry long winded answer, nice to know you was asking about me, hope you all had a good Christmas?
  12. Scary here at the mo with those winds already! Oh and happy new year everybody
  13. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/112613118637?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649Hi guys I've brought you some early snowflakes I've just made! Ive popped some on eBay too Damn it photo won't upload...
  14. Well it's still as bad this morning with the high winds, if not stronger than last night!
  15. super duperting hell that gust of wind was very scary!!!!!! I mean scary!!
  16. What a lovely peaceful forum picture at the top of the beach! Very relaxing and calming

    1. Mokidugway


      It is ,are you back for winter :D

  17. It's quite bad here in Leyland, has been dreadful all day, the rain was relentless and it even rained in a few times in my parents living room!! Been mopping up a a few times, they do have a very large patio door window as the lounge is at the back,,, the rain has stopped now and although we've had had quiet bad gusts all day the wind is really picking up now, I'm a bit worried because they have very large conifers in their back garden which backs onto the woods of a very large park.... and me and my son are sleeping in this room...
  18. Where's my post gone from over an hour ago? I can't see it, I'm sure I was in this thread lol
  19. Well sustainable winds here fir the last hour!! Very bad, most wheelie bins down the street and our elderly neighbours three fence panels down and we have next door but ones garden stuff flying around our garden now because if the fence panels, big green turtle incoming!!
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