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  1. bad flooding in winwick currently: https://riverlevels.uk/sankey-brook-winwick-causey-bridge#.YAhO4ej7SUk
  2. You still near Runcorn? Nearly 2 degrees in Knowsley. Not fancying my chances
  3. I never get my hopes up unless there has been deep prolonged cold for a while. 1-4 degrees certainly isn’t cold weather by my standard and weather coming from the south or west never fills me full of confidence. Oh how I miss living in Berlin in winter.
  4. 200 miles south of the british isle's with the way it keeps moving south
  5. Ppn should Be over me soon, so if it’s snowing in Crosby then fingers crossed!
  6. There’s still time to play there may be more northern correction, there may be more southern correction. all of the models suck ?
  7. How have i got 3 inches of snow and why is it coming down thicker than ever? I suppose i'll be working from home today
  8. ah well the sooner this crap is over and it warms up I can go play airsoft. pew pew
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