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  1. Mark -W-s-M

    Hurricane Ophelia

    yellow sky short while ago
  2. Wonder which way that lot in the bay of biscay is heading same track as tonights one maybe ?
  3. Dont know if anyone remembers the big thunderstorm in the southwest think it was july 2000 that was a decent one that went on for nearly 9 hours
  4. Le Harve live camera https://www.viewsurf.com/univers/surf/vue/13586-france-haute-normandie-le-havre-live
  5. If anything moves towards cornwall this is a good webcam to watch http://www.camsecure.co.uk/looe_webcam.html
  6. One from early hours of saturday morning.
  7. Might be worth keeping an eye on the cell in northern france could be following the path of last nights storms maybe.
  8. Is it just me or has that cell over bournmouth got a lot bigger.
  9. Don't give up just yet still in with a chance lightning still visible from weston looking south.
  10. Link to the bournmouth webcam to those that asked though there bandwidth seems to be maxed out. http://www.bournemouth.gov.uk/AttractionsLeisure/BeachesandWaterfront/PierApproachWebcam2.aspx
  11. One down in bournmouth seems to be really exploding .
  12. Lightning now visible to my south in weston super mare
  13. Brief screenshot from the dawlish webcam
  14. Lightning now visible on the dawlish beach webcam quite frequent too .