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  1. Guys stay calm just hot back from down south and there is nothing! southerns over exaggerate and we had more than our fill last year! #RollOnSpring!! ☀️
  2. Keep the faith it’s closer than i thought. still likely to be nothing tho
  3. Can we just get on with spring? the models have been so so far off the mark this year. enjoy the snow if you get any everyone!
  4. This band is starting to break up. if that stuff in london uad hit here it would have been game over. not expecting much more heavy stuff today looking at the models but what a great event for dec!
  5. The amount of snow in telford now is pushing 5 inches! Thats before sunday and the rest of the day!!
  6. Coming down well in telford. that streamer looks very good. Just the right set up. Sunday could be one of the best for years too
  7. Shropshire use to get pounded years ago would love to know why it has changed so dramatically over the last ten years
  8. Shropshire shield for any type of weather except cloud!
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