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  1. I'd be interested to know your reasoning behind this (bolded part). If around a million people have it already, then even with our current level of lockdown it's more than likely, IMO, that the virus will pass through most of the population well before a vaccine is widely available. I'm aware that there are multiple strains around but immunity to just one will likely lead to a fairly strong level of immunity to others over the relevant time scale. Professor of emerging infectious diseases at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Annelies Wilder-Smith, is quoted to have said the virus "will probably have peaked and declined before a vaccine is available". Source: Coronavirus vaccine: when will it be ready? | World news | The Guardian WWW.GOOGLE.COM Human trials will begin imminently – but even if they go well and a cure is found, there are many barriers before global immunisation is...
  2. I've had a very mild (and infrequent) dry cough for a week now. Also a sore throat. The cough could hardly be described as persistent and I haven't had a fever, so not cause for concern. One thing that struck me yesterday, though, was that my nose has been completely clear the whole time... There are a lot of viruses out there so I'm not at all concluding that this is Covid-19, but I can certainly rule out most cold and all flu strains (this definitely isn't flu lol).
  3. This is certainly true. Over many generations of people viruses evolve to become much less fatal.
  4. The Iceland study is very interesting, but there is some cause for concern here. The way I see it, it's no longer a case of "when this all blows over", since the same person can keep catching different strains. One would expect that exposure to the first strain might develop some level of immunity to other strains, but after a long period of time this is going to end up like the common cold, where so many strains simultaneously exist and continue to evolve that you can never develop full immunity. This suggests we may have to wait for a (cocktail) vaccine to come out as a final long-term solution, rather than just letting it move through the population in a controlled manor and be done with it. Of course, in the mean time, we might also find a more effective way of treating patients to reduce the mortality rate.
  5. My understanding is that it probably would (since each strain is very similar), but, like flu, the vaccine would need to be regularly updated. And I guess if strains become too dissimilar then each vaccine would contain a cocktail of strains.
  6. Very welcome given that this place is basically just a series of death tallies. Thank you BBC.
  7. I was going to mention this. One should also remember though that such "stark reminders", in numbers, can negatively impact people's mental health. This is an individual who is fitter than 99.99% of the population, and so stories such as this may cause even very healthy individuals to unnecessarily spiral. The stories about Mikel Arteta and Callum Hudson-Odoi (and anyone else for that matter), who made rather straightforward recoveries, shouldn't be forgotten.
  8. Do we know which sample of the population these tests are currently being given to?
  9. August 2014 was a bit of a cuckoo. I guess such months arise when entrenched blocking patterns temporarily shift east- or west-wards before quickly moving back to the favoured regime.
  10. Generally speaking it doesn't seem at all random to me?
  11. Having been in that age bracket up to a few years ago, let me tell you that nothing has changed since your time
  12. If we don't know enough about the science of the virus then surely every strategy employed against it is a risky one, and not just the UK's?
  13. At the same time, some governments have to try different tactics. How will we ever learn which strategy is best when such a situation as this inevitably recurs if every country tries exactly the same thing?
  14. Supposedly it's much less contagious until symptoms begin to show.
  15. This is a lovely idea given that sports fixtures are being called off, and since it also seems to be spreading through the EPL quite rapidly. Sport unites people like nothing else, and I think it would bring a real sense of community and togetherness if a programme like this were to be set up.
  16. If your missus is young and fit with no underlying health conditions, then chances are it'll be mild for her. Probability of death is essentially nil. I'd be more worried about her spreading it to other people on the ward.
  17. Also if the spread is less rapid this way then the NHS is less likely to be overwhelmed and said poor sod is actually more likely to survive?
  18. I would have thought the former, but perhaps a smaller figure than 10? That would still blow up rapidly otherwise.
  19. If there was some kind of camp where I could go to to voluntarily get infected, recover, and then be released again (so as to contribute to herd immunity) then I would do it. Without wanting to sound arrogant I'm in a very low-risk group (23 and no underlying health conditions), so would be very willing to take that risk.
  20. Or they isolate at home - neither option will go down well with the kids but one has to be done!
  21. Are they not less likely to though if they're in school only mixing with themselves?
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