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  1. Lol, your average temperature over the first 10 days is near-enough equal to the UK record.
  2. What about May 1833? I am indeed, currently doing research. Will DM 🙂
  3. I think there's reason to believe that it could be a while. The only other comparable month (in terms of head-and-shoulders-above-the-rest warmth) is May 1833, and that's not far off its bicentenary. Nothing, not even in the AGW era, has come close to it! Unless we get runaway global warming then I suspect the December 2015 event will remain a "once in a few hundred years" phenomenon.
  4. Thanks, I was sure that someone had done this at some point and shared it on here - now I know I wasn't going insane! But David Snow is correct that they subtract 0.2C off after all other adjustments due to urban warming (which presumably is why all corrections seem to be centred around -0.2C, more or less).
  5. Thanks as always Roger, interesting to note that we have no -3.x daily records but three -4.x ones (1858, 1904, 2010).
  6. Late again, will go for 5.5C and 60mm.
  7. Indeed, a maximum of 6°C forecast for Saturday, will easily be the coldest day I've experienced since moving here.
  8. Would quite like a downward correction on this one just so that the latest 18C day can still also be the latest 19C day!
  9. Interesting, I lived in Selly Oak 2015-2018 and didn't even know it had its own hospital! The enormous QE next to the university seems to be the centre for most things now.
  10. Just to note that, with the official data in, we have indeed set a new record of 45 days.
  11. I'm fully aware of what you're saying, so I'm not going to argue with you, other than to say that Craig is not an idiot. His crazy punts have been a custom on this forum for years and you're taking them far too seriously.