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  1. Indeed, uppers were astoundingly cold (-17C I think was the coldest?). Would have been utterly brutal had it occurred in January.
  2. Midday 1st March 2018 it was -4C in my then backyard (Brum).
  3. Aye, also the coldest 31-day period since 1963 I believe. Also worth mentioning that 1st March 2018 was the fourth-coldest March day since 1772; the five or six days surrounding it felt brutally cold.
  4. We're probably looking at the first Autumn since 2012 below the 61-90 mean.
  5. Ellie Goulding's cover of Elton John's Your Song, released late 2010, is the only song I associate with Winter. I was a paper boy and would hear it very often in the newsagent when I was picking up my papers for delivery. Seemed to fade as the cold did.
  6. February and March 2018 were the last two consecutive months appreciably below the 1961-90 average.
  7. Interesting quirk that - first time in 266 years that we've recorded a very middle-of-the-table CET of 10.0C.
  8. Down as 10.0C in the ranked table https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/hadobs/hadcet/mly_cet_mean_sort.txt
  9. Got down to -12C in early February 2012 when I was living in Chelmsford, during what was a cold but by no means record-breaking spell of weather. In a more potent and entrenched cold spell, and in a more favourable location, I think we could get close. Edit: Coldest temperature that month was -18.3C in Chesham, Bucks - not far off at all.
  10. It's ironic that people are wasting their time attempting to convince someone that they're wasting their time... As long as your time isn't being wasted, does it really matter if you think feb is wasting his? I'm of the opinion that the idea is probably cack, but I'm not bothered by someone "reopening the investigation", as it were. PS: I realise that in lecturing people about wasting their time, I, too, have probably wasted mine
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