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  1. Think I may take a hit to revise my forecast upwards. I'll go for 17.1C...
  2. Anyone know which location was hottest after Heathrow? And what the peak temperature was?
  3. Some surprisingly extreme Spring and Summer heat at times in England during the 1700s, especially during the 1770s. There was also a warm period during the 1730s. The Summers of 1826 and 1846 are still some of the hottest recorded for England. Before anyone jumps on me I'm not saying this is proof or evidence of anything; other than the effects of volcanic eruptions I know next to nothing about how air quality effects temperatures. Anyway, this is probably a discussion for a different thread.
  4. Heathrow and Northolt now both at 36C despite a 1C difference an hour ago.
  5. Interesting, I've checked a few sources and there seems to be some differing figures. Highest I've seen for 1pm is 34.8C - still miles behind Heathrow.
  6. Yes, the rounded figures on that link are usually incorrect. At 1pm Northolt registered 34.3C.
  7. Yes, and second-place Northolt at 34.3C. There's never any competition in the south-east.
  8. Interesting parallels to July 1947, well before talk of AGW. A poor month with a few exceptional days of heat at the end. The record for the highest CET daily mean was broken and still holds to this day (joint with 25th July 2019).
  9. A full 1.5C hotter than nearby Northolt. Heathrow running away with it once again, gets a little boring. If memory serves me correctly Heathrow reached 34C at 11am on 1st July 2015.
  10. It'll win. Not a believer in the plane argument but Heathrow seems much more often than not these days to record the highest temperature when things get hot. Edit: At 11am it was already 2C hotter than Northolt??
  11. Would be interesting to see whether the south-east has warmed faster than elsewhere in the country over the last few decades. The maximum CET especially seems a little too high, and I wonder if this is playing a part. Edit: Last week I was fully expecting the maximum CET to end up somewhere between 18.5C and 19.0C, but it's risen much more quickly than expected. Away from the south-east maxima have been languishing, so it's a little surprising that we've risen as much as we have. We do, of course, await the all-important corrections.
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