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  1. For me it's sad that the days will soon be getting longer again. Guess I'll have to make the most of the short days until the end of January, before things become noticeably worse.
  2. Antarctic Ice Discussion

    Apologies if this has already been posted somewhere, but do we currently have a convincing explanation for why the Antarctic sea ice dropped off so dramatically from record-high levels in mid-2015? What's the latest on this?
  3. Does it not make sense to quote the current low for the month, alongside the current high? I don't see any reason why we should favour one over the other.
  4. Haven't heard about this. Was this a recent thing?
  5. I spoke too soon. We have four inches here currently
  6. Gutting. I left Birmingham today and won't be returning for a month. I happen to leave the day before what would have been the heaviest snowfall I'd have ever seen there, and now I'll be getting nothing
  7. There's always some fad every year. Anyone remember "torpedoes"?
  8. Does it not make sense to quote the current low for the month, alongside the current high? I don't see any reason why we should favour one over the other.
  9. You're not the only one, I've still got'em on. Met another student today still sporting the shorts, and we ended up having a conversation about how great shorts are!
  10. Fading memories of 2010

    The first table shows, to two decimal places, the ten coldest 31-day periods since 1963 that aren't from the same season (to avoid spells that overlap with each other). The second table shows the ten coldest 31-day periods since 1963, allowing overlaps.
  11. Even though I agree with most of what's being said on this thread, the level of circle jerking in here makes me want to cringe.
  12. Fading memories of 2010

    Correct. Next coldest since 1963 was the 31-day period beginning on the 1st February 1986 (-1.0C). So it wins that by a large margin. Also the coldest 31-day period to have started in November on the entire record. It crushes the competition; the next coldest such period was the 31-day period beginning 26th November 1878 (-0.9C).
  13. I enjoy winter no matter what. If I can't have low temperatures, snow, and frost, then it almost certainly means it'll be dark and overcast all day. And I love it when the light levels start to dim as early as 3pm. (In case this post is misconstrued, I am not being sarcastic.)
  14. Fading memories of 2010

    Indeed, I think even Writtle (the other side of Chelmsford to me) recorded -21C in February 1947. In December 2010 we managed -14C, a long way off 1947, but easily the coldest I'd experienced at the time. We nearly matched it in February 2012 when we got -12C.