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  1. The opening third is provisionally 16.4C -- also the warmest since 2004, which was 16.6C. Before that you have to go back to 1982, which was a whopping 18.6C.
  2. Both the late 1700s and the 1940s were pretty wild, especially if you're after Spring heat. Loads of daily records from these periods.
  3. There was some see-sawing in 2012 outside of the first five months. June and July were mostly cool and wet, but both had spells of warm/hot days in their final weeks. September had a hot spell in the opening week before then becoming much cooler, and December was very much a month of two halves: the first half was excellent, with thick frosts and snow featuring, while the second half was extremely mild.
  4. I don't think the original comment was supposed to be taken so seriously... I'd appreciate not having another GW derailment in the wrong thread.
  5. Quite a mixture of Junes that followed these years. June 1987 was very cool (12.8C), while 1772 was a warm one (16.1C). These two were both in the top 30.
  6. Shame we didn't go sub-10C in the end. This month does at least tell us that it's still possible, though.
  7. This'll be the first time since 2013 that at least three of the first five months of the year were below their respective 1961-90 averages. All five managed it in 2013. The last time exactly three of the first five months managed it was in 2010 (January, February, and May).
  8. Indeed, sub-10C may be on a knife-edge now. Would be a shame not to finish sub-10C as such Mays are rare -- there have only been nine since 1900!
  9. Provisionally, the highest daily mean of the meteorological Spring is still the 31st March's value of 14.3C. Can we make it to the end of May without recording a higher daily mean? Can't have been many years where the highest was in March.
  10. Unusually cold for late May. Currently 8C, gusty, and very wet. Last May was far more settled than this one.
  11. Yes, looks like we'll be trundling along in the 9s for the foreseeable future. If the month ends in the same vein then there's a chance we'll end up in the top-five coldest Mays of the past century. In reverse-chronological order, we have the following: 1996: 9.1C 1984: 9.9C 1975: 9.9C 1968: 9.8C 1955: 9.7C 1941: 9.4C 1935: 9.9C 1923: 9.2C A remarkable decadal consistency for sub-10C Mays until the 2000s (someone else may have already pointed this out). Thanks to the cluster in the upper 9s, we don't have to finish that far below 10C to rank well on this list.
  12. I'm guessing you mean two months (being April and May). Over the entire record, only the Spring of 1837 has managed an aggregate below 17C.
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