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  1. Absolutely belting down here on the Wirral with hint of hail in the heavier bursts.
  2. Looks quite well organised from this side of the Wirral.
  3. Sky looks threatening enough. Edit Thunder and lightning ?
  4. Its suddenly going quite dark here. Could something be brewing ?
  5. Its all hitting a brick wall at the end of the Wirral and fading away.
  6. The ingredients are there so here's hoping those storms hold together.
  7. Evening Stephen , I thought our best chance would be this evening as the sea breeze dies down. Still 22c here at the moment. We must have been a touch luckier than you on this side of the Wirral as we've had a couple of overhead storms including the epic one on Saturday. Yesterday's storm struck a house in Thingwall setting the roof on fire.
  8. Set the roof on fire unfortunately. There were pictures of the strike and the aftermath on social media this morning.
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